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HuffPo denies that “cancel culture” exists

HuffPo, one of the biggest exponents of “cancel culture”, now has published one of its longest articles claiming that such a culture doesn’t exist. The piece is a long and unconvincing response to the letter published last week in Harper’s (and four other international venues). That letter was simply a call for open debate, and […]

Articles that shouldn’t have been written: whale-esque sobbing about a canceled graduation ceremony

Here we have a kvetcher of the first water: one Katarina Kovac, who in Huffpost’s “Coronavirus” section beefs about her graduation ceremony being canceled. But of course that’s true for every graduating student in America, and so she has to supplement her beef, producing a double filet of a kvetch. She not only is “heartbroken” […]

Finally, a decent article from HuffPost!

Yep, here it is, though it’s couched in the unfortunate argot of “self care”. Click on the screenshot to read something that, for a change, isn’t woke or cringe-worthy: There’s no religion in the world as good as following kitten and cat sites. There’s no down side!

Meanwhile, back at HuffPost. . .

One thing I haven’t done on this trip is to look at HuffPost. But, like a dog returning to its vomit, I couldn’t resist a peek this afternoon, as there’s not much doing on the ship. The site is still pretty much the predictable farrago of Regressive Leftism, but also flaunts an announcement that the […]

Cultural appropriation: can minorities appropriate the culture of other minorities?

This is the kind of question that arises when you adopt full-blown intersectionalism. It’s apparently been decided that it’s okay to culturally “appropriate up“, i.e., Chinese people can wear jeans, and Africans suits, but it’s not okay to “appropriate down“, so that white people can’t wear cornrows or play jazz—at least not without explicitly acknowledging […]

HuffPo needs the grammar police

. . . for headlines like this one (click if you want to go to the story): No, the troll wasn’t an expert in insulting hands. . .

The most repugnant headline ever

It’s from HuffPo, of course, and I count 4.5 repellent words or phrases in the  two headlines below. If you click on the screenshot, you’ll see another stinker in the second-page headline: Apparently this is the way HuffPost thinks its readers talk, and perhaps they do. And of course it’s about a tweet: that’s all […]

HuffPost circling the drain

Call me a bad person and shoot me, but what I found today affords me some true Schadenfreude. Here’s the traffic at HuffPost over the last six months as reported by SimilarWeb. It looks as if views (monthly ones?) have dropped from 120 million to about 12 million, a decrease of about 90%, and the […]

Is “deadnaming” always an egregious sin?

“Deadnaming” is the use of the pre-transformation name of someone who has transitioned between genders. So, for example, referring to “Bruce Jenner” in an article about “Caitlyn Jenner” is a case of deadnaming. My view on this practice is that it’s respectful to use the name a person chooses after they’ve transitioned, but it’s not […]

Huffpo “news” = ads

Here’s yesterday’s “latest news” from HuffPo. I emphasize again that I read the site not for pleasure (it’s like going to the dentist), but to keep up with what “woke” opinion is saying. I also read the Daily Wire for right-wing takes, and sometimes look at Breitbart, though I can’t stay there long lest I […]