The most repugnant headline ever

May 20, 2019 • 5:00 pm

It’s from HuffPo, of course, and I count 4.5 repellent words or phrases in the  two headlines below. If you click on the screenshot, you’ll see another stinker in the second-page headline:

Apparently this is the way HuffPost thinks its readers talk, and perhaps they do.

And of course it’s about a tweet: that’s all that HuffPo reports on these days since its “reporters” are too lazy to do anything but look at Twitter.

28 thoughts on “The most repugnant headline ever

  1. Ummm, so someone who hates instagram has some receipts, after their application for a student loan to visit Oprah schools got dissed?

  2. I, for one, find the headline to be really impactful. Have you ever seen one that digs this deep on a shade-throwing tweet? I mean, they really dragged that person.

  3. Just what the rich, white kids at CC need – a black woman to pay off their debt. I’d guess that many CC kids don’t even have college debt.

    1. The CC kids I’ve known have been pretty cool. I’m sure some are jerks, but I haven’t met the jerks yet.

      My favorite CC kid worked with me in a restaurant, where I was a cook. She bused tables, wanted to become an environmental lawyer, take on the corporate polluters.

      I don’t know if she ever did. Her rich father approved of her though. I lost track of her after she graduated.

      I hope she’s busting corporate balls now.

      1. Yes, the CC kids I know are also pretty good, but one thing that many of them don’t need is financial assistance 🙂 Morehouse students likely needier, and interestingly the billionaire who paid off the graduates’ college debts is a black fellow from Denver.

  4. The medical students and residents that I teach clinical pediatrics to have never spoken that way. This, despite being millennials and supporting the people who complained when someone got offended after hearing a person say “get the COW”. COW being the computer on wheels but was assumed to be a weight reference. End result being “COW” is now no longer an acceptable word in the hospital.

  5. Careful, man, that schadenfreude is strong stuff, as addictive in the long run as smack or crack or crystal meth. It’s all fun and games for a while, then you’re wandering around the back alleys of the internet lookin’ for your next fix, like Sinatra in Man With the Golden Arm, or like Gene Hackman after he gets kidnapped in French Connection II.

    1. But Roger, don’t you think con artists have been minoritized? Isn’t it about time someone platformed them? Don’t they too have a currently under-privileged voice that should be heard? I simply do not think we should rush to judgement here re: con artists.

  6. Most repugnant ever? Certainly on this side of the pond, it’s one of the most incomprehensible ever.

  7. I really can’t see what’s ‘repugnant’ about that headline. I agree the jargon used is appalling, but the substance of the headline is unexceptionable. Inaccurate, but then that would apply to 90% of headlines.

    Not that I’m fond of Oprah, she’s a bit too PC and woo-ish for my tastes, but I have to give her credit for her philanthropy.


  8. But the subheading is:
    “You get a clapback! You get a clapback! Everyone gets a clapback!”

    What the hell is a ‘clapback’?


  9. Are you sure that’s not a Chris Morris headline from On The Hour or The Day Today?

    Once again, satire anticipates reality (by 27 years in this case).

  10. Oprah has a school?

    Actually, now that I think about it I recall an article a while back about an Oprah school of some sort in SA that was allegedly being run more like a brothel than a school. No idea how true that was but nothing bad about Oprah or anything she may be involved with would surprise me.

  11. It takes some kind of “genius” to write a headline without a verb. I am still trying to figure out what the headline says. Meanwhile, check out the “human interest” stories that HuffPo “adores”: their use of the word “adorable” for fuzzy animals, tiny babies, and cuddly people doing romantic things could be their most-used adjective. Can someone send them a thesaurus so they can find another word? For HuffPo itself, how about

  12. I know this is overly pedantic but I’ll say it anyway: this wasn’t over a “tweet”. Tweets are made on Twitter and these were Instagram comments.

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