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Once again, “Black” versus “white”

I doubt that I’ll write much more about this issue, and bring it up here because Greg has turned up some curious journalistic information. This all involves newspapers’ decisions about whether to capitalize “black” and “white” when they refer to races, or rather, to socially constructed entities formerly known as races. I’ve discussed the capitalization […]

NPR walks back “In Defense of Looting”

A few days ago I reported and criticized an execrable interview on NPR: “In defense of looting,” a summary of Vicky Osterweil’s eponymous book that justified looting as a proper and, in fact, socially positive and equitable response to the inequalities of American society. It was so over the top that many people couldn’t believe […]

VICE tries desperately to smear Steve Pinker

The very title of this VICE Motherboard piece (click on screenshot below) is part of a multifaceted attempt to smear Steve Pinker, calling him a “free speech crusader” who nevertheless has blocked people on Twitter who connected his name with Epstein. And the smear continues in the first paragraph, implying that somehow this blocking is […]

Andrew Sullivan’s latest lucubrations

Andrew Sullivan’s site is still free, but will shortly go to a fee scheme whereby you can pay $50 a year for full access (I’ve already subscribed). The format is still a weekly tripartite column, but with additions like his famous “The View from My Window” contest, in which readers have to guess exactly where […]

Et tu, L. A. Times? Trader Joe’s decision to keep brand names is touted as “breaking your heart”

As I reported recently, Trader Joe’s grocery emporium has been accused of racism for using names like “Trader Ming’s” for its Southeast Asian foods, “Trader Giotto’s” for Italian foods, and “Trader José’s” for Mexican food and drink. There’s apparently also a “Baker Josef’s” line of baked goods, like pretzels, imported from Germany. The company first […]

MSNBC producer quits because of clickbait nature of the news

Ariana Pekary was an award-winning producer at MSNBC who just quit her job because she couldn’t take the clickbait-y nature of the station, a feature she says is shared by all commercial news stations. This is apparently not a small deal, for it’s reported on sites like The Hill, Fox News, The New York Post, […]

John McWhorter on the Harper’s letter

Linguist John McWhorter doesn’t go along with the prescribed narrative of Critical Race Theory, and as an African-American he’s received his share of opprobrium for that. He mentions the pushback in his new piece in Quillette (click on screenshot), but characterizes it as coming with the territory, and sometimes even useful. More important, McWhorter explains […]

The Wall Street Journal proudly proclaims that it’s not The New York Times

I almost never read the Wall Street Journal, mainly because it’s behind a paywall and I don’t want to fork out the dosh. Also, I believe it’s mostly about finance, which doesn’t interest me. However, Malgorzata, knowing of my dislike of the new New York Times, sent me this link and a transcript, which I […]

Chief executive of the New York Times steps down after boosting the paper financially but wrecking it journalistically

Mark Thompson, former director general of the BBC, has resigned his position as chief executive of the New York Times, which he’s held since 2012. This doesn’t appear to be a case of firing or of internal trouble at the paper. As the Guardian reports below (click on screenshot), Thompson had considerable success in expanding […]

Lying liars promote false information about Israel, pretending that a photo from Chile shows Palestinian resistance

A common way to attack Israel is to disseminate fictitious photographs on social media, photographs that pretend to show Israeli malfeasance but often show something completely different. And the photos are often, as in this case, not even from Israel. The article below, taken from India Today, reports on a striking photograph purporting to show […]