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Lying liars promote false information about Israel, pretending that a photo from Chile shows Palestinian resistance

A common way to attack Israel is to disseminate fictitious photographs on social media, photographs that pretend to show Israeli malfeasance but often show something completely different. And the photos are often, as in this case, not even from Israel. The article below, taken from India Today, reports on a striking photograph purporting to show […]

WaPo editor emits bigoted and hateful Tweets, but will she be disciplined as others have been?

Here we have Karen Attiah, a major editor with the Washington Post, spewing out stuff on Twitter that’s even more vile and bigoted than the stuff Trump emits regularly. It’s racist, full of hate, and exactly the kind of stuff that got New York Times tech writer Quinn Norton fired. (Sarah Jeong, her replacement, wrote […]

You are not your name: The Even More Woke New York Times ponders identity erasure

As Andrew Sullivan noted, describing the migration of college students into the media workforce, “We are all on campus now.”  And, as I’ve been describing in the last few days, the mainstream Left media, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, is become thoroughly and irremediably campus-style woke. This will not abate: wokeness […]

The Even More Woke Press: 2. The Guardian

Now we all know that the Guardian is even woker than the New York Times or Washington Post, but when I used to read it when I lived in London and Edinburgh, it was my go-to source of news from a Leftist viewpoint. All too often now, they waste good trees on stories like the […]

The Even More Woke Press: 1. The Washington Post

If I have time today, I’ll write a bit about the wokeness that’s metastazing in the liberal press, both in the US and UK. But of course I recognize that the incursion of ideology—of editorial opinion—into news is not unique to the press on the Left. It’s long been a feature of the right-wing media […]

New York Times op-ed editor resigns

The dust hasn’t yet settled on the New York Times editorial fracas—the one I wrote about this morning when the publication of Tom Cotton’s op-ed set off a conflagration fueled by social-media opprobrium and NYT staffer outrage. So, less than an hour ago, the Times announced that its Editorial Page editor, James Bennet, resigned. (He […]

The fracas about Tom Cotton’s op-ed in The New York Times: should it have been published?

You probably read about Republican Senator Tom Cotton’s June 3 op-ed in the New York Times, urging the President to send the military into cities with protests and riots inspired by police brutality against blacks. It caused a huge fracas at the paper, with the editor first defending it and then, after social-media pressure and […]

The Wall Street Journal touts “the science of prayer”

Reader Frank sent me a copy of this article, which, being in the Wall Street Journal, is paywalled (judicious inquiry might yield you a copy).  Since I’ve become a more vociferous atheist, I tend to notice these things more often, and to me this sounds like a paean to God pitched as a “scientific” analysis […]

The New York Times finds troubling flaws in Ronan Farrow’s reporting

Now this story really knocked me for a loop, largely because I previously had no doubts about the quality of Ronan Farrow’s reporting—except, perhaps, his excessive credulity about the supposed sexual predation of Woody Allen on Ronan’s sister Dylan Farrow. (Ronan think that Woody is guilty for sure.) But perhaps that credulity underlies my other surprise, […]

Four heavy hitters criticize the New York Times for “Orwellian” retroactive censorship

You’ve probably heard of at least several authors of this new Politico piece, which I suspect but don’t know for sure was submitted to (and rejected by) the New York Times after the paper retroactively redacted a column by Bret Stephens on the overrepresentation of Ashkenazi Jews “in intellectual and creative fields”. The article by […]