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NYT op-ed warns against canceling newspaper subscriptions, even though we have many reasons to cancel that paper

In general, I support good journalism. For many years I subscribed to the New York Times paper version, looking forward to the daily dollop of doings on my doorstep. Then I stopped for a while, and then subscribed electronically (I still do). I recently added a subscription to the Washington Post. But as they said […]

WaPo editor emits bigoted and hateful Tweets, but will she be disciplined as others have been?

Here we have Karen Attiah, a major editor with the Washington Post, spewing out stuff on Twitter that’s even more vile and bigoted than the stuff Trump emits regularly. It’s racist, full of hate, and exactly the kind of stuff that got New York Times tech writer Quinn Norton fired. (Sarah Jeong, her replacement, wrote […]

You are not your name: The Even More Woke New York Times ponders identity erasure

As Andrew Sullivan noted, describing the migration of college students into the media workforce, “We are all on campus now.”  And, as I’ve been describing in the last few days, the mainstream Left media, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, is become thoroughly and irremediably campus-style woke. This will not abate: wokeness […]

The Even More Woke Press: 2. The Guardian

Now we all know that the Guardian is even woker than the New York Times or Washington Post, but when I used to read it when I lived in London and Edinburgh, it was my go-to source of news from a Leftist viewpoint. All too often now, they waste good trees on stories like the […]

The Even More Woke Press: 1. The Washington Post

If I have time today, I’ll write a bit about the wokeness that’s metastazing in the liberal press, both in the US and UK. But of course I recognize that the incursion of ideology—of editorial opinion—into news is not unique to the press on the Left. It’s long been a feature of the right-wing media […]

New York Times op-ed editor resigns

The dust hasn’t yet settled on the New York Times editorial fracas—the one I wrote about this morning when the publication of Tom Cotton’s op-ed set off a conflagration fueled by social-media opprobrium and NYT staffer outrage. So, less than an hour ago, the Times announced that its Editorial Page editor, James Bennet, resigned. (He […]

The fracas about Tom Cotton’s op-ed in The New York Times: should it have been published?

You probably read about Republican Senator Tom Cotton’s June 3 op-ed in the New York Times, urging the President to send the military into cities with protests and riots inspired by police brutality against blacks. It caused a huge fracas at the paper, with the editor first defending it and then, after social-media pressure and […]

Trying to cancel my New York Times subscription

After a year of taking the New York Times at a reduced rate ($8/month), I had enough. The paper is just too woke, too mired in identity politics, and too close to HuffPo. As my monthly subscription rate would double on June 6, I called up the relevant number last night to cancel my subscription.  […]

CNN reporter and crew arrested while reporting on riots in Minneapolis, Twitter hides a Trump tweet for “glorifying violence”

Things are going to hell in Minneapolis as riots and protests broke out following the police-caused (alleged) murder of George Floyd, killed while a police officer knelt on his neck. The cops are clearly on edge, and, in a boneheaded move, they arrested a CNN team covering the riots, including reporter Omar Jimenez, the cameraman, […]

Are podcasts and audio entertainment the “new normal”, while reading fades away?

Posting will be lighter this week, as duck duties are consuming an inordinate amount of time, especially protecting the brood (and Honey) from people chasing or disturbing them and from marauding drakes with lovin’ on their minds. Bear with me. In her New York Times op-ed this week, Bari Weiss ponders the increasing popularity of […]