12 thoughts on “HuffPo needs the grammar police

  1. The headline writer squints hir adverbial phrases like a chump. (And PS to the rude tweeter — Halle Berry would be gorgeous even with hands like Venus de Milo.)

    1. Venus of Milo – wasn’t he a character in Catch 22?

      OK, hands up! I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. I don’t think this is bad grammar. Grammar allows sentences that can be parsed in more than one way, and the path of wisdom is to not use them. In this case “like a champ” is unnecessary.

    1. +1

      This isn’t poor grammar, it’s poor sentence construction, or, perhaps, poor punctuation.

      In any case, the writer might defend themselves by pointing out that one interpretation is self evidently absurd and should be discarded.

      1. It’s not bad. There are just two possible constructions and the right one is fairly obvious.

        In the realm of grammatical crimes this one rates at about parking-ticket level, IMO.


  3. But that would require editors, which would require paying people. We all know how much HuffPo hates paying their “writers,” so we surely shouldn’t expect them to pay for editors.

    Aside from the headline, just the subject of the story makes me want to vomit. Who consumes this treacly tripe? OMGZ! Halle Berry totally owned some guy on Twitter! Yasss Queen slay!

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