Finally, a decent article from HuffPost!

Yep, here it is, though it’s couched in the unfortunate argot of “self care”. Click on the screenshot to read something that, for a change, isn’t woke or cringe-worthy:

There’s no religion in the world as good as following kitten and cat sites. There’s no down side!

9 thoughts on “Finally, a decent article from HuffPost!

  1. Cher Professeur Félin,

    Bienvenu en France ! Les amis des restaurants, des chats et des livres seront toujours reçus comme des libérateurs ici.


    PS Et comme on dit « A bas la calotte! »

  2. There’s no down side!

    Well, I’m not sure about that. Following cat sites is pretty sure to be a risk factor leading to cat owneeship.

  3. I almost never comment in places like this but I’ve been a regular reader for years, big fan of your WEIT and talks (Zagreb was top notch). I’m I”m enjoying your trip to Paris very much. J’ai faim! Your trip is much better than mine 15 or so years ago. D.A., J.D. NYC

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