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Emory University’s ideological indoctrination of its students and its hedging about free speech

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia reports that, at the urging of students and by a big majority of faculty, it has instituted a general education requirement that “focuses specifically on the histories and experiences of people of color.” This will be a required course for all students, though there may be different courses in different […]

Diversity in colleges: How much and how long?

Few colleges, I think, are immune from the growth of “Diversity and Inclusion” (D&I) initiatives, including ours. And they’re spreading over time, not only among colleges but also within them, so that D&E programs are often quite large. (This is of course also happening in the workplace—since colleges are apparently not “workplaces.”) The College Fix […]

Brian Leiter on “diversity statements”

I’ve written several posts on the mandatory “diversity statements” now required by the University of California, which will soon be required on campuses elsewhere. These statements are used to weed out candidates for academic jobs before their academic credentials are even assessed, and they require candidates to do three things: they must express their philosophy […]

NIH gets into the game of requiring job candidates to show track records of promoting diversity

At the end of last year, I pointed out that the University of California system was implementing a new procedure for hiring faculty. It involved candidates submitting “diversity statements” that recounted their knowledge about diversity, their past efforts to increase diversity in their institutions, and their plans for promoting diversity if they were hired. While […]

Life science jobs at Berkeley give precedence to candidates’ diversity and inclusion statements

UPDATE: My Chicago colleague, law and philosophy professor Brian Leiter, has given this post a shout-out on his Leiter Reports site. More important, he adds that there are lawyers (some of whom he knows) looking to prosecute a case against the University of California on behalf of rejected candidates, with the grounds being illegal practice […]

UC Davis math professor demonized for criticizing required “diversity” statements for academic jobs

Abigail Thompson is a well known professor (and department Chair) of mathematics at the University of California at Davis, specializing in topology. Six years ago she became an inaugural fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS), and now she’s a vice president. But in the December issue of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, […]

Harvard wins affirmative action case. . . for now

Yesterday’s 130-page decision by federal judge Allison Burroughs (pdf here) puts to rest, probably temporarily, the legal challenge to Harvard’s admission policy on the basis of racial discrimination levied by a group called Students for Fair Admission. The group contended that Harvard systematically discriminated against Asian-American applicants, using “race” as a main factor in admissions […]

How much diversity of thought do you achieve by promoting diversity of gender and ethnicity?

A while back I was elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAAS), an honorific position in an organization that celebrates achievement in scholarship and arts, and promotes them through its quarterly journal Daedalus.  I was of course chuffed to be chosen, but now I see that the AAAS is striving for diversity, […]