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Head of Philadelphia NAACP reproduces vile anti-Semitic trope, refuses to apologize

Rodney Muhammad is president of the Philadelphia branch of the NAACP, though he might not be for long.  After his latest bit of bigotry, though, I am not calling for him to be fired—an apology would be nice, though—but many are. According to several stories, including two in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Muhammad tweeted a trope […]

Republican Senator appears to have stretched the nose of his Jewish opponent

I resisted the claim, made in the Forward article below, that Republican senator David Perdue (GA) used a deliberate anti-Semitic trope to demonize his Jewish opponent in this fall’s election, Jon Ossoff, who interned as a high schooler with John Lewis. Click to read the article: In a campaign ad on Facebook, shown below, Ossoff […]

Lying liars promote false information about Israel, pretending that a photo from Chile shows Palestinian resistance

A common way to attack Israel is to disseminate fictitious photographs on social media, photographs that pretend to show Israeli malfeasance but often show something completely different. And the photos are often, as in this case, not even from Israel. The article below, taken from India Today, reports on a striking photograph purporting to show […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ The Protocols

In this week’s Jesus and Mo strip, “climes”, Moses is finally leaving his quarantine with the boys. But as a parting shot, he pulls Mo’s leg. Moses is of course referring to the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a Russian Tsarist anti-Semitic forgery describing a Jewish plan for world domination. (You can find […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Jewish conspiracies

This week’s Jesus and Mo strip, called scheme, has the three boys in a car (Moses has joined them so the Abrahamic Brothers can quarantine together).  Mo has apologized to Jesus for doubting he was Jewish (see last week’s strip), but then makes matters worse by drawing a distinction between conspiratorial Jews and Rothschild Zionists. […]

Post by Matthew Cobb: A Resistance attack on a convoy of Jews heading to Auschwitz

Tonight marks the 77th anniversary of a daring and unique rescue, when members of the Belgian Resistance tried to free a train full of Jews being transported to Auschwitz. Matthew wrote about it in one of his books (see below), and kindly offered to provide a piece for readers. The story is largely unknown but […]

The anti-Semites strike on Passover

I occasionally hear from reader Stephen Listfield, a part-time rabbi. Today he sent me a note along with thirteen pictures, of which I show six below. His words are indented. I’m a retired rabbi living in Atlanta.  I officiate part-time at a small congregation in Huntsville, AL; I am there for the  High Holidays and […]

Bernie Sanders’s anti-Semitic surrogates

I still don’t know for whom I’ll vote in the Illinois primaries on March 17—at least among the Democratic contenders for President. Elizabeth Warren was once my favorite, but I cooled on her when I perceived some slipperiness, which was likely there all along. But given that Biden seems on the cusp of senility (I […]

A state university disinvites an anti-Semite

It’s a test of your adherence to free speech if you can stand up for the rights of speakers whose message you despise. And this is one case, as reported on December 24 in the Los Angeles Times (click on screenshot below). San Diego State, a public university in California, gave $170,000 to four of […]

Bari Weiss on America’s rising anti-Semitism

Segments of the Right have of course always been anti-Semitic, particularly the Far Right and conservative Christians. But my brief here is the Left, and it maddens me to see much of the Left also becoming anti-Semitic, both in Britain and the US. Sure, they mask their anti-Semitism by saying that they’re not anti-Semitic but […]