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More ludicrous erasure: students at Brown demand removal of two Roman statues, while students at UW Madison vote to remove Lincoln statue

At Brown University there are two bronze copies of statues of Roman emperors. One is of Marcus Aurelius: . . . and the other is of Caesar Augustus (sources of both photos, and a discussion of the statues’ history, are here) Well, all statues these days are subject to intense scrutiny, and a group of […]

Kerfuffle escalates at Northwestern University; students call for President’s resignation

Two days ago I reported that the President of Northwestern University {NU), Morton Schapiro, wrote a letter to the university community decrying the vandalism and obstructionism of protestors who are trying to get NU to disband its police force. He asserted that “while the University has every intention to continue improving NUPD, we have absolutely […]

The President of Northwestern University is mad as hell at woke students, and he’s not going to take it anymore

I got hold of this email sent yesterday by the president of Northwestern University, a prestigious school just north of Chicago.  In the past few weeks, woke students have been disrupting the town and the campus, demanding the abolition of the University police force, and this is his response. It starts off, like many of […]

Richard Dawkins canceled at Trinity College Dublin

The University Times, the student newspaper of Trinity College Dublin, reports that an invited address by Richard Dawkins has been canceled. The rescinded invitation was initially tendered by “The Hist”, the University Historical Society, who withdrew it. Why? Because Dawkins’s past statements on Islam and sexual assault might cause “discomfort” to the students. Click on […]

More college overkill: Professor suspended for using the term “chinese virus” to refer to Covid-19

A simple in-person admonition to instructor John Ucker, who teaches mechanical and materials engineering at the University of Cincinnati, would have sufficed to correct the egregious misstep described in the title, at least egregious by the lights of “thousands of people.” But Ucker has instead been suspended for calling Covid-19 “the chinese virus”. You can […]

McWhorter on the chilling of academia

This new article in The Atlantic by John McWhorter (who will never be allowed to write for any organ with “New York” in the title) also deals with cancel culture, as did an earlier post today, but concentrates on the chilling effect it has on academics. Although I no longer teach, I’d be very careful […]

Hofstra students demand “zero tolerance for hate speech”

Hofstra University is a private school on Long Island with about 5,000 undergraduates.  As a private school, it’s not legally obliged to follow the First Amendment by permitting free speech on campus.  The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which has rated 450 colleges and universities for their adherence to Constitutional protections, doesn’t list Hofstra. […]

Emory University’s ideological indoctrination of its students and its hedging about free speech

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia reports that, at the urging of students and by a big majority of faculty, it has instituted a general education requirement that “focuses specifically on the histories and experiences of people of color.” This will be a required course for all students, though there may be different courses in different […]

Oxford students pass anti-“hate-speech” motion

Offense for offense, a woke British university can match the likes of The Evergreen State College or Middlebury College any day. British woke schools have included the London School of Economics, the rest of the University of London, and, of course, Oxford University (called “Oggsford” in The Great Gatsby). And Oggsford students has now solidified […]

Columbia students join the call that all pandemic grades be “A”s, and that nobody fail

In earlier posts (here and here), I described the risible and insupportable demands of many students during the pandemic crisis, a crisis that has forced virtually every college in America to resort to online teaching.  This requires severe adjustments to be made by both teachers and students, and nobody is a happy camper. But students […]