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Emory University’s ideological indoctrination of its students and its hedging about free speech

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia reports that, at the urging of students and by a big majority of faculty, it has instituted a general education requirement that “focuses specifically on the histories and experiences of people of color.” This will be a required course for all students, though there may be different courses in different […]

Oxford students pass anti-“hate-speech” motion

Offense for offense, a woke British university can match the likes of The Evergreen State College or Middlebury College any day. British woke schools have included the London School of Economics, the rest of the University of London, and, of course, Oxford University (called “Oggsford” in The Great Gatsby). And Oggsford students has now solidified […]

Columbia students join the call that all pandemic grades be “A”s, and that nobody fail

In earlier posts (here and here), I described the risible and insupportable demands of many students during the pandemic crisis, a crisis that has forced virtually every college in America to resort to online teaching.  This requires severe adjustments to be made by both teachers and students, and nobody is a happy camper. But students […]

Harvard Law students want to get their licenses without having to take the bar exam (coronavirus exemption!)

It seems that some U.S. students are using the pandemic emergency to their own advantage. As I’ve written before, students at several schools have urged changes in the methods grading during this semester of “remote learning”. That’s not automatically something to be rejected—except in the cases where students are requesting that everbody “pass” and that […]

“A sea of people engaged in a shared delusion”: a three-part video about the fracas at The Evergreen State College

I don’t know how I missed this article and the three video segments it discusses, as it came out in Areo a year ago, and I’ve been following the saga of The Evergreen State College (TESC) since 2017. That’s when the trouble began with the “Day of Absence” at the College, when biology professor Brett […]

Yale students demand a “universal pass” for spring semester; U. Texas students want As or A-minuses for everyone

As you probably know, because of coronavirus most American colleges are shut down for the spring semester, with classes being taught remotely, through online lectures, tests, and assignments.  But let us us not imagine that the students are actually willing to work during these troubled times. No, they are taking advantage of the pandemic to […]

Charles Murray returns to Middlebury College

A bad reason to invite Charles Murray to Middlebury College is to incite violence, which is what happened when he was last invited three years ago (see several of my reports here). Although Murray wasn’t going to talk about race or intelligence then, that didn’t matter: he’s been forever deemed a racist for co-authoring The […]

University of Chicago student harassed for expressing anti-socialist political opinion characterized as “racism”; University official defends her right of free speech

Not long ago, the Institute of Politics of the University of Chicago, which is headed by David Axelrod, held an event in which our students were invited to submit pictures explaining “Why I Vote.” (Axelrod, you may recall, is a political consultant who was the architect of both of Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns and, for […]

Emory student paper urges Syracuse University to “rethink free speech policy”, says anything that doesn’t cause bodily harm should be “free speech”

Chalk up Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, as another example of woke students making crazy arguments about free speech—and a cowardly administration at Syracuse University as an example of how not to deal with student-led disruption. As the editorial in the Emory student newspaper below—and an Associate Press article—report (click on screenshot), some students from […]

Stanford students walk out of talk about whether repealing DACA is legal

The episode I’ll discuss this morning doesn’t really constitute deplatforming, since the speaker got to speak. It’s not disinvitation, either, as the speaker spoke and his invitation wasn’t rescinded. Nor is it “censorship” in the formal sense because nobody prevented the speaker from speaking. So let’s call it “disruption of a talk”, which is nearly […]