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Useless virtue-flaunting action of the month

Clearly the humanities are more Woke than the sciences; I know that from seeing which professors and grad students sign various demands and petitions.  But among the humanities, English departments seem to take pride of place for Wokeness, as ours does (see here for a local example). I’m not sure why this is, but of […]

CUNY anti-Semite defended by University for assaulting student wearing an IDF tee-shirt

Nerdeen Kiswani, a student of Palestinian descent at the City University of New York (CUNY) Law School, is a nasty piece of work. According to articles in the New English Review and, Kiswani, as President of the anti-Semitic organization Students for Justice in Palestine, has celebrated terrorists who killed Israeli civilians, herself celebrated the death […]

College free speech rankings: best and worst (n.b.: U of C is number one)

Over at RealClearEducation, we see the results of a new survey of free speech on campus, which ranks 55 American colleges from best to worst in their free-expression policies and atmosphere. The novel thing about this survey is that the rankings were the results of polling the students themselves—20,000 of them. The survey was sponsored […]

More college overkill: Professor suspended for using the term “chinese virus” to refer to Covid-19

A simple in-person admonition to instructor John Ucker, who teaches mechanical and materials engineering at the University of Cincinnati, would have sufficed to correct the egregious misstep described in the title, at least egregious by the lights of “thousands of people.” But Ucker has instead been suspended for calling Covid-19 “the chinese virus”. You can […]

An open letter to the University of Chicago’s English Department

There’s been considerable negative publicity about the University of Chicago English Department’s “woke” statement adhering to Critical Race Theory, and their concomitant decision to admit graduate students next year in only one area: Black Studies. In response, the English Department has engaged in somewhat mendacious behavior. Yesterday I found that once again they’d altered their […]

Wesleyan University president purports to comport intellectual diversity with “hate speech” ban; the result is still censorship

A friend affiliated with Wesleyan University sent me the New York Times article below, saying that I should be aware of the school’s efforts to “encourage a diversity of opinion in public debates on campus while barring hate speech and so on.”  Intrigued but doubtful, I read the article by Wesleyan President Michael S. Roth, […]

Alan Dershowitz, in Newsweek, decries the University of Chicago’s adherence to Groupthink

Say what you will about Alan Dershowitz, but in his new piece in Newsweek (below) he’s right—and by that I mean he agrees with me. Dershowitz’s article is about the University of Chicago, and in particular the English Department’s new Statement of RightThink, along with its announcement  that grad students in the next year’s class […]

Ben Schwarz on the University of Chicago’s new grad-school admissions policy

I’ve written several posts about the dissolution of The University of Chicago’s commitment to free expression, embodied in the Kalven Report‘s mandate that—except in exceptional circumstances involving University operation—our school should take no official stand on any issues of morality, ideology, or politics (see, for instance, here, here, and here). And up to now it […]

Princeton hoist with its own petard: Admits systemic racism, investigated for it by the Department of Education, and then denies it

I have to say that I find this pretty amusing. After Princeton’s President (like officials of many other colleges) wrote a letter flagellating himself and his University for systemic racism, the U.S. Department of Education has begun investigating Princeton for violating Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The charge is taking federal […]

U. Michigan Dearborn creates segregated events, then apologizes

Martin Luther King famously said, in his “I have a dream” speech in Washington D.C., “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” This now seems passé, for […]