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A quick book review, movie review, and a new movie to see

The book: I just finished this book for the second time (I read an earlier edition without the introduction; click on image for Amazon link): This is the memoir of pilot, horse trainer, and adventurer Beryl Markham (1902-1986), recounting her years in Africa with the Happy Valley set, which included Karen Blixen (author of Out […]

An enthusiastic movie recommendation

During my allotted reading time yesterday, I treated myself to a movie instead. I’ve seen many of the most recent ones that were highly regarded, so I Googled “best movies 2019” and came up with one I hadn’t seen that got wide acclaim: “Portrait of a Lady on Fire“, a French film directed by Céline […]

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sets new diversity standards

According to both the New York Times and Variety, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the annual Oscars, has set new diversity standards for the Best Picture award. The standards, though they don’t apply to other categories like Best Actor, could apply to other awards like Best Animated Feature and Best […]

“Triumph of the Will” with my own disclaimer

In 2019, YouTube removed Leni Riefenstahl’s 1935 film “Triumph of the Will” from its platform because it was considered “hate speech,” and if any film is ever considered hate speech, this would be the one, for it documents a famous rally for Hitler in prewar Germany and glorifies the Führer, showing a lot of his […]

Jimmy Fallon mocks explanatory caveats affixed to “problematic” films

I understand that this spoof by Jimmy Fallon was put in the comments of my last post, about the now-obligatory “racism” warning given before the start of HBO’s reissue of the movie “Blazing Saddles”. (HBO did the same thing to “Gone with the Wind.”) This was sent by reader Simon, who added, “Once comedians start […]

“Blazing Saddles” gets a trigger warning

The Critic site is new to me, but appears to be a kind of Quillette-like UK website that fosters free speech, even when it’s not ideologically au courant.  At any rate, this article appeared on the site recounting how once again HBO has tried to sanitize a “problematic” movie by giving it an ideologically palatable […]

Son comes out of the closet to his parents

. . . but it’s not what you think. This short film is called “Homecoming”, it won several awards and it’s pretty reflective of Liberal attitudes these days, both good and bad. And it’s funny. h/t: Lenora

Olivia de Havilland died

Gone With the Wind was made in 1939, and Olivia de Havilland, who played the stolid Melanie in that film, was 23.  de Havilland, who did far in her life than play Melanie, died yesterday at 104 at her home in France, where she’d lived for seventy years. I had no idea she was still alive. […]

Gone with the Wind: a reassessment

Most of you have probably heard that HBO Max has decided to temporarily pull the famous movie “Gone With the Wind” from its streaming services, later to replace it with a version that has an explanatory introduction by University of Chicago Cinema and Media studies professor Jacqueline Stewart. This New York Times article gives the […]

Review: Woody Allen’s “A Rainy Day in New York”

Woody Allen has been under the gun lately, not only with Hachette reneging on its agreement to publish his memoirs, the continuing claim of #MeTooers that he sexually molested his daughter (there’s no evidence for that), and, connected with those accusations, some actors in his new movie, “A Rainy Day in New York,” as well […]