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New Gary Larson cartoons!

Gary Larson published his wonderful The Far Side cartoons from 1980-1995. And was there a biologist during that period who didn’t have at least one on their office door? (My favorite is this one.) And then, after 15 years of belly laughs and in-joke humor, Larson retired at only 45. That was a major bummer. […]

The runaway duckling

Here’s a lovely video starring a brood of ducklings mothered by a gray cat named Prince Michael, and featuring an Ostracized Duckling, one Gabriel Aaron Duckworth. Watch Gabe’s travails as, unable to take the jeers of his four siblings, he runs away from home. Gabe has many adventures as the distraught Prince Michael searches for […]

Photos of readers

Please send in your quarantine photos, and we also need more diversity (e.g., women, non-Americans, and so on). Today’s reader is Art Williams, who sent a photo, a caption (with an appropriate background) and his hand-drawn cartoon. Art Williams, a surgeon and evolutionary medicine enthusiast in Cincinnati, in his natural habitat, between cases, back when elective […]

The first commercial Wizard of Oz release, never shown in theaters

Thanks to reader Barry to alerting me to this 8½-minute cartoon, highlighted in a short piece at Boing Boing. That piece largely draws on the Wikipedia article about this 1933 cartoon, The Wizard of Oz, which came out six years  before the famous movie. According to the article, the cartoon version never made it into […]

The latest from The Far Side

Gary Larson, who has activated his Far Side cartoon site, is posting a spate of old but beloved cartoons. He doesn’t want other people posting them, and I will respect his wish to control his work. But I will put up a screenshot of the site, as you should go over there today (and regularly) […]

The Far Side returns!

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like Gary Larson’s cartoon The Far Side, but Larson retired from producing it in 1995: 24 years ago! It doesn’t seem like that long, for his cartoons are constantly circulating and are much beloved, especially by scientists. (Almost every biologist had a Far Side cartoon on their office door.)  […]

An unwoke host

Reader Linda Calhoun spotted this Doonesbury strip and knew it would be appropriate for this website. Click on the link to go to the site. The author, of course, is Garry Trudeau. The students clearly haven’t heard of Joe Biden’s habits.

Another putatively anti-Semitic cartoon in the NYT?

Just one day after I reported that the international New York Times published anti-Israeli/Trump cartoon that many have seen as anti-Semitic, they’ve published yet another dubious cartoon. And while I still can’t flat-out declare that yesterday’s cartoon was anti-Semitic, this one, reported in the Jerusalem Post and Fox News (of course this appears only on […]

The supposedly anti-Semitic New York Times cartoon

I was alerted to The Cartoon by this tweet from Bari Weiss, a Jewish op-ed columnist for the NYT, and someone I much admire. However, in this case I don’t agree with her. How does a cartoon worthy of Der Stürmer get published in the paper of record? @BretStephensNYT explains how: — Bari Weiss […]

“Peanuts” and theology

I used to assidulously read “Peanuts” cartoons when I was a kid, but the religion in them—and apparently there was quite a bit—went over my head. Atlantic has an 2016 article called “The Spirituality of Snoopy,” which recounts how often the artist Charles Schulz used religious themes in his strips. “Many familiar with the Peanuts strip don’t […]