Real or fake?: Representative Boebert fools the public

November 12, 2021 • 12:15 pm

I had to use something from HuffPost because it’s funny. Jimmy Kimmel showed people on the street some real clips of Representative Lauren “Glock” Boebert, telling them that they were videos from Saturday Night Live. They weren’t, but people thought they were.

I had no idea that she was so nuts; I may watch her videos for fun from now on. Have a look at the YouTube clip below, which I’ve started at the relevant part, and tell me if you don’t think Boebart is off the rails. But we already knew that. She is, of course, a Republican.

ZeFrank: True facts about the mosquito

October 25, 2021 • 1:30 pm

Matthew sent me the tweet below, which of course compelled me to go see ZeFrank’s new video (also below). It’s a long one (17 minutes), but is superb—full of biological facts that show the diversity of mosquito behavior, and with unbelievably good photography.  While some of the jokes are a bit off-color, I can’t see that showing this to a class in middle school or high school would be offensive.

Do watch the whole thing; you’ll be much enlightened. (There’s a short ad in the middle.) I was. Just the way the mosquitoes bite is fantastic: their multipart mouthparts and the ability of the “needle” that sucks blood to actually search around under the skin to find a juicy capillary.

John Oliver on duck stamps

September 27, 2021 • 1:30 pm

Here’s John Oliver this week on Federal Duck Stamps, an American tradition and a requirement for duck hunters (oy!) Oliver seems to be under the impression that all ducks have long corkscrew willies, but he’s wrong. But this is pretty funny, though, describing mutual animosity between duck artists and even submitting his own designs (there’s an annual contest for the stamp’s design, with the latest one required to be in the possession of all duck hunters).


Oliver is actually auctioning off his four designs for duck stamps, and you can see the designs and make your bid here.  First watch the video, then make your bid! (Click screenshot below to enlarge.) One of them is already up to $20,000!


By the way, the Post Office has also issued regular postcards this year (with the “forever” stamp that doesn’t go up in price), and they feature a beautiful mallard drake. But where’s the hen?  A kind reader sent me a fistful of these:


h/t:  Steve, Paul

Lovely BBC video of meerkats standing on videographers

September 12, 2021 • 2:00 pm

Meerkats (Suricata suricatta) are a type of social mongoose that lives at the very southern part of Africa. We all know them and love them because they’re cute and they stand on their rear legs when surveying their surroundings for danger.  The BBC’s Planet Earth has filmed them so extensively that they’ve become inured to the presence of humans, and even stand on photographers’ bodies and heads.

Here’s an adorable and short BBC video showing this behavior. Look for a quip about the size of the director’s buttocks!

Finalists: 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

September 3, 2021 • 2:15 pm

I love wildlife photography contests, but am always surprised that the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is among the best of them. I’m not sure why, as animals aren’t usually doing funny stuff, but it may be a combination of humorous photographers and discerning judges.

At any rate, the finalists for the 2021 Awards have been announced, and you can see them online here, along with previous years’ winners as well. There are a LOT of good entries, and I’ll show you just a few of my favorites among the finalists. This seems an appropriate way to start the three-day weekend (Labor Day). Thanks to the several readers who sent me these links.

. . . and my favorite.  WHO’S a bad otter?

Sarah Silverman hosts Jimmy Kimmel’s show, disses podcasting

August 19, 2021 • 12:45 pm

Reader Enrico told me that Sarah Silverman hosted Jimmy Kimmel’s show twice this week (they used to be a couple).  Even though I’m no longer as smitten with Sarah after I discovered that she endorses BDS, I still had to watch the four clips on YouTube. Here’s one of them.

The one below was fairly good, though I thought the segment with Louis Virtel was pretty weak and not funny at all. But I greatly enjoyed “the greatest plague facing our nation,” which turns out to be PODCASTING. It begins at 8:20. (Siverman does, by the way, have her own podcast!)

It does seem that everyone who used to write prose (with the exceptions of Dawkins and Pinker) has turned to podcasting, and, as you know, I can’t listen to them. They go on for hours, and yes, I know that some of them are absorbing. But the turn to podcasting has to reflect things like people’s increasing need to multitask rather than read (which you can’t do while cooking), itself perhaps a result of Internet-lowered attention span, and maybe to the fact that it’s simply easier to do a podcast, especially if it involves a conversation, than to write something substantive.

Sarah’s right: everybody’s getting into the game. Bari Weiss, for example, seems to have abandoned writing on her Substack site and gone to podcasting. The pieces on her site are all written by others. The result: I don’t get the chance to read her, and I don’t listen to her.  And if lots of good writers transition to podcasting, well, the quality of writing will go down.

But I still love Sarah—all Jewish boys do.

The other three videos of Sarah hosting for Kimmel are here, here, and here.

Phone booth prank

March 24, 2021 • 2:00 pm

This is a new version of the old Candid Camera pranks, but better. It involves a Universal Studios phone booth offering free pictures, along with a live human masquerading as a robot voice. To me, at least, this is hilarious.

The “please use less tongue” command at 1:55 made me laugh out loud, which I rarely do. Same with the B&D bit at 9:30!

Do watch the whole thing. Whoever the woman is who makes up these spontaneous bits, she’s very clever.

h/t: Nicole

A Seussian poem by Bret Weinstein

March 13, 2021 • 1:30 pm

By now you know that Dr. Seuss Enterprises has discontinued printing six of his books because they contain “offensive images.” I agree that two of those books are, as they say, “problematic,” but am not quite sure about the other three.  It’s their call, of course, because it’s their books. But I hope that libraries don’t dump them. (Knowing librarians’ widespread defense of the First Amendment staunch opposition to censorship, I think they’ll be kept behind the counter.)

Now comes Dr. Bret Weinstein with a poem about the whole kerfuffle. And it’s a pretty good one, too: written in Seussian style with (generally) proper scanning and rhymes:

h/t: Lynne