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A satirical book review

When I woke up this morning these words from the Beatles song went through my head: I’ve got nothing to say but it’s okay; Good morning, good morning. That’s because I didn’t have anything in my head to write about, which is what I ponder when reading my emails in bed. So you get persiflage […]

Ricky Gervais chats with Richard Dawkins

This video was posted a week ago, but shows a conversation that took place last fall. On 3 September 2019, Ricky Gervais was given the 2019 Richard Dawkins Award. The award recognizes individuals who proclaim “the values of secularism and rationalism, upholding scientific truths wherever it may lead.” Gervais received the award during a Center for Inquiry-sponsored ceremony at […]

Two pandemic videos

We have two new and humorous videos dealing with politics (i.e., Trump) and the bracing messages delivered to the rest of us by celebrities. Here’s the new “We stand with Trump” video, showing some pretty good double-takes as the “President” blathers on in his moronic and narcissistic way. It also includes Deborah Birx’s reaction when […]

Should we open up America now? A cat and a dog debate the issue.

I’m going to follow this quickly with another post, as you might not be able to read it if it’s at the top. Reader Simon sent me this, and it’s about the funniest thing yet to come out of the shutdown. Below you see a screenshot from an article in The Wall Street Journal. I […]

True facts about the giraffe

ZeFrank has made one of his best videos yet—True Facts About the Giraffe. It includes a lot of solid and edifying biological material, and there’s lagniappe at the end about ducks.  Also, at 10½ minutes long, it’s one of his longest. Enjoy, and watch to the end! h/t: Piet

A brave act of defiance in Australia

The headline tells it all (click on screenshot): Proof:   Good on ya, mate!

Jonathan Pie: A mockumentary

Here’s a long episode of Jonathan Pie (the alter ego of comedian Tom Walker), playing, as he often does, a reporter. But this time the story is about him, a “documentary” of Pie covering pro- and anti-Brexit marchers. (For Americans: “UKIP” is the UK Independence Party, a prime mover of the Brexit initiative that has, says Matthew, […]

Monty Python’s Communist quiz

I hadn’t seen this before, but it came up during a bout of YouTube surfing. I didn’t think I’d missed any Monty Python sketches, but this one is nearly as good as the “summarize Proust” contest. Poor Karl! He doesn’t know his football. . . .

Lee Jussim finds a home for his “Orwelexicon”

About two weeks ago I reported on a mini-kerfuffle at the Psychology Today website. Respected social psychologist Lee Jussim at Rutgers, responding to a piece in the British Medical Journal that created a number of Woke Neologisms, created his own piece listing anti-Woke neologisms. Here’s the original BMJ article, now publicly available (click on screenshot): […]

Anti-woke spoof censored in Psychology Today

Yesterday at Psychology Today, a website that can be pretty dire, Lee Jussim, a professor and social psychologist who happens to be chair of the Psychology Department at Rutgers, published an “Orwelexicon”:  a spoof of a genuine Woke Lexicon published by another journal. For spoofing wokeness, Jussim had his piece taken down by the Psychology […]