Video: Animal antics

August 31, 2023 • 1:00 pm

Fare thee well, readers: tomorrow I’m off for Israel for three weeks. My farewell post (#27,916!) is this ten-minute video showing animals doing humorous things.  My favorites include the attacking raptor (0:24), the horizontal sloth (1:20), the rotating d*g circle (2:00), Jesus cat (4:03), donkeys following a ride-on mower (5:26), young sheep practicing head-butting (6:34), the galloping goat (6:48), irritated octopus (7:15), gamboling sheep (8:05), and the dancing Indian deer (8:46).

Hasta la proxima!

8 thoughts on “Video: Animal antics

  1. Re: the sheep butting the hanging ball – I once bought my horses an “indestructible stall ball” just like that. I didn’t hang it up, though; I just put it out in their pasture for them to play with.

    It lasted about fifteen minutes before they had smashed it to smithereens.


    PS: Have a wonderful trip, Jerry. Send us lots of pix.

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