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Andrew Sullivan’s latest lucubrations

Andrew Sullivan’s site is still free, but will shortly go to a fee scheme whereby you can pay $50 a year for full access (I’ve already subscribed). The format is still a weekly tripartite column, but with additions like his famous “The View from My Window” contest, in which readers have to guess exactly where […]

Andrew Sullivan on postmodern “Theory”

Andrew Sullivan’s Weekly Dish, to which I’ve just subscribed, has his usual tripartite column, along with the “view from my window” series and a place where he reproduces and responds to readers’ beefs. (To his credit, he took a reader’s advice to heart and is giving up issuing tweets that “simply mock or provoke without […]

Andrew Sullivan back at the Weekly Dish, and a disquisition on the J. K. Rowling kerfuffle

Andrew Sullivan has left the room, meaning New York Magazine (NYM), and good for him—and woe to them.  He’s back at the Weekly Dish, a reincarnation of his previous website, complete with his trademarked beagle. You can subscribe for for only $50 a year (here), though for a limited time the content is free (click […]

Andrew Sullivan says goodbye to New York Magazine

Journalism lost two valuable voices last week: Bari Weiss and Andrew Sullivan. Both will, I’m sure, find new homes, and Andrew has already rebuilt his home—a new version of his old blog The Daily Dish.  Weiss wasn’t fired from the New York Times; she quit. According to her letter of resignation, it was because of […]

Andrew Sullivan on Newspeak

I’d urge everyone who hasn’t read Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, or hasn’t read it for a long time, to reread it now.  A major part of the book—Winston Smith’s job—is to erase real history and replace it with the latest, ideologically-approved version of history. Sound familiar? And the ruling party of Big Brother also created a […]

Andrew Sullivan on the new cultural revolution and its “illiberal malignancy”

Andrew Sullivan hasn’t been fired from New York Magazine, despite the venue apparently having censored or deep-sixed one of his Friday columns, probably about violent protests. And this week he has an unusually good effort in his tripartite essay.  I’m referring to the first part—on the authoritarianism of the progressive Left. (The other two parts, […]

Andrew Sullivan is depressed (and so am I)

It’s always worth reading Andrew Sullivan’s weekly column in New York Magazine, and I thank reader Simon for initially calling my attention to it as well as sending me a link every Friday. Today’s column, as usual, riffs on three topics, and this week’s three are the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, the new leader […]

Andrew Sullivan on the Democratic candidates

Andrew Sullivan’s “Intelligencer” column is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly woke New York Magazine. His Friday pieces are usually in three parts, and this week’s (click on screenshot below) is no exception. The three topics are, in order, the progress we’ve made in gay rights and women’s rights, and those who deny […]