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Yes, wokeness drove people to Trump. But will it decrease under Biden?

I was deeply disturbed to read that James Lindsay, who styled himself a liberal, was so incensed at wokeness that he declared he was voting for Trump. I called this “cutting off his nose to spite his face.” But according to this new Atlantic article by Yascha Mounk, Lindsay’s not the only one who did […]

Tonight’s Presidential debate

The debate between Biden and Trump, with the innovation of silenced mikes (not mics) will start at 9 Eastern US time (8 Chicago time) and last for an hour and a half.  You can watch it nearly anywhere; as the NYT notes: The debate will be televised on channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, C-SPAN, […]

The FFRF exposes Amy Coney Barrett’s religious extremism

In this video from the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s (FFRF’s) “Ask an Atheist” series, co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor and constitutional attorney Andrew Seidel, FFRF’s Director of Strategic Response, masticate the Amy Coney Barrett hearings, beginning with a legal analysis of Barrett’s testimony (until 11:30). Seidel, as always, is percipient and eloquent on the hearings. Then […]

Livestreaming the Vice Presidential debate

You can watch Mike Pence and Kamala Harris go at each other at many places. One of them is the CSPAN livestream below. The debate starts in exactly an hour, and, if you wish, you may comment below as it proceeds. May the best Democrat win!

SNL does the Trump/Biden debate

Several readers sent me a link to SNL’s spoof of the recent Trump/Biden debate. Chris Wallace is played by Beck Bennett Trump by Alec Baldwin, and Biden by Jim Carrey (I didn’t recognize Carrey at first!) I’m not sure who plays Kamala Harris, as I almost never watch Saturday Night Live. When I have seen […]

Sullivan on Biden

I’m not sure anybody here is over the moon about Joe Biden becoming President, although nearly everyone favors him big time over Trump. The issue for many, including me, is that Biden doesn’t seem that sharp these days. I know he has a stuttering problem, which may make him look at bit clueless at times, […]

Prognostications: The Senate race

We all know that a Democratic President is largely ineffectual without both houses of Congress, especially in these days of political fractiousness. The Senate is especially important—not for this Supreme Court nomination, which is a fait accommpli even if Trump gets very ill or dies, but for “packing the courts”, which roughly half the readers here […]

Is violence necessary for racial equality?

Reader Enrico called my attention to the New York Times article below, in which editorial-board member Farah Stockman reports that a lot of violence connected with social-justice demonstrations was done neither by black protestors nor by right-wing white supremacists trying to gin up incidents that would turn people towards Trump and away from the Left.  […]

Can Biden win with the cat-owner vote?

It’s always been my unsupported belief that both atheists and Democrats prefer cats over dogs.  For cats I have a reason: cats are themselves atheists, as they live in the moment, enjoying this life, and worship nobody. As for Democrats, well, I’m a Democrat and I’d like to think that Democrats like independent animals, while […]

A scary article about Trump and his possible refusal to relinquish the Presidency

You probably know that Trump has not committed to a peaceful transition of power should he lose November’s election. To wit:   In the past, we haven’t worried about a President refusing to give up power, even if he formally loses an election. But Trump has not just pushed the envelope of the Presidency, but […]