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Allan Lichtman, with a “perfect” record, predicts this year’s election

According to the New York Times video below, Allan Lichtman, a distinguished professor of history at American University, has had a “perfect” record of predicting the winners of election since 1984, and that supposedly includes Trump’s win over Clinton four years ago (but see the caveat below). Lichtman is a Democrat, but says that he […]

Trump administration places severe restrictions on fetal tissue research, impeding medical progress

Let me make this clear from the outset: fetal tissue used for research is taken from abortions that women elect to undergo.  The tissue has shown enormous promise for medical research, including its past use in developing the polio vaccine, as well as making useful advances in AIDS research, birth defects, Down Syndrome, spinal cord […]

More heat than light: the Axios interview of Trump

Here’s a 38-minute interview of Trump by Jonathan Swan, an Australian journalist who works for the American news site Axios. You’re not going to learn anything new about policy or politics from this interview, but you will see what a blustering narcissist Trump is. But you already knew that, didn’t you? It starts off antagonistically […]

Andrew Sullivan back at the Weekly Dish, and a disquisition on the J. K. Rowling kerfuffle

Andrew Sullivan has left the room, meaning New York Magazine (NYM), and good for him—and woe to them.  He’s back at the Weekly Dish, a reincarnation of his previous website, complete with his trademarked beagle. You can subscribe for for only $50 a year (here), though for a limited time the content is free (click […]

Who will be Biden’s VP choice?

Traditionally the Vice-Presidential candidate is named in July or August, and that time is upon us. We know that Pence will be Trump’s VP candidate, and I hope both go down in flames. But who will be Biden’s? Joe has said he’ll name a woman as the candidate, and many Dems are also plumping for […]

Five timely readings for the day

I have nothing to say, but it’s okay (Good morning!).  Actually, duck duties in the pouring rain (yes, I got soaked, but in a good cause), combined with overdue grocery shopping, has put a crimp in my day. But, mirabile dictu, I have five—count them, five—pieces that are worth your time to read. I’ll give […]

The Lincoln project’s latest anti-Trump ads, one in Russian and the other about Russia

As you probably know, The Lincoln Project is a PAC (political action committee) composed largely of Republicans who oppose Trump’s re-election in November. They endorsed Joe Biden earlier this spring, and are known for their hard-hitting videos (collection here) that The Atlantic has criticized this way: “personally abusive, overwrought, pointlessly salacious, and trip-wired with non […]

Take a poll: Who will win in November?

Walking to work (ducks require feeding every day), and pondering Donald Trump’s divisive and unhinged Fourth Of July speech yesterday, I had a soupçon of satisfaction pondering the probability—in my mind a strong one—that Trump will lose in November. Nearly every poll on RealClear Politics, for instance, shows Biden winning, often by a substantial margin. […]

Trump retweets a video of deplorables calling for white power

This morning I retweeted Trump’s own retweeted video of people in Florida yelling at each other, with one screaming “white power” several times, but that tweet been quickly removed by the Prez or his minons: But you can still see the original on the Rolling Stone site, and I’ve put a version below the screenshot: […]

A scary film by Trump’s religious and conservative supporters

The conservative Washington Times reports on the rise of a group of Trump supporters called “Trump 2024”, which has created a Kickstarter page to fund an eponymous documentary film. The previews are scary, putting you into the world of these religous nutcases and loons who, yes, do seem like “deplorables.” Their aim? Apparently to preserve […]