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SNL does the Trump/Biden debate

Several readers sent me a link to SNL’s spoof of the recent Trump/Biden debate. Chris Wallace is played by Beck Bennett Trump by Alec Baldwin, and Biden by Jim Carrey (I didn’t recognize Carrey at first!) I’m not sure who plays Kamala Harris, as I almost never watch Saturday Night Live. When I have seen […]

Is Trump sicker than we thought?

Trump’s personal physician said he’s doing quite well, but other sources aren’t nearly that optimistic. This is from the New York Times (click on screenshots): Historically, I believe, Presidents’ personal physicians tend to downplay the severity of their illnesses, so perhaps that “person familiar with his health” is giving us more reliable information. As the […]

Should mental-health professionals diagnose Trump as mentally ill?

It’s one thing for us to call Trump a narcissist or a sociopath, but it’s another thing entirely when a group of mental-health professionals argue that Trump should not be allowed to debate—or should be impeached—because he’s sick in the head. Psychiatrists generally refrain from diagnosing people whom they haven’t examined, adhering to what’s called […]

Debate thread

The first Presidential debate is two minutes away, and I’ll be watching at least an hour of it—if my digestion holds out. If you wish, put your comments on the debate below. I may put some reactions in this post, or I may wait until tomorrow. I’m of course rooting for Uncle Joe. . . […]

A scary article about Trump and his possible refusal to relinquish the Presidency

You probably know that Trump has not committed to a peaceful transition of power should he lose November’s election. To wit:   In the past, we haven’t worried about a President refusing to give up power, even if he formally loses an election. But Trump has not just pushed the envelope of the Presidency, but […]

Lindsey Graham does a 180, says that Dems would do it too

After reading nearly everything I can get my hands on about the Senate and its plans for the RBG replacement nomination, I have concluded that we—meaning Democrats—are royally screwed. Mitch McConnell, who wouldn’t allow Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the floor in March of 2016, is now rushing forward with plans to confirm Trump’s […]

Chicago public schools adopt the 1619 Project

I’m not a big fan of the New York Times’s 1619 Project, though I think its aims—letting people know that the aftereffects of slavery still weigh down America—are admirable. But I’m wary of its historical inaccuracies, called out by several prominent historians, of its main message that America is affected in nearly every aspect by […]

What is it like to be Trump?

Most of you probably know about Thomas Nagel’s famous article, “What is it like to be a bat?” (article here), which denies a materialistic understanding of consciousness based on our inability to understand what a bat’s consciousness is really like. While philosophers have argued over Nagel’s thesis, there’s little doubt that, at least for the […]

Nick Cohen on the dangers of right-wing vs. left-wing extremism

One of the comments I get a lot—both on this site and in private emails—is that I spend too much time bashing the Left rather than going after Trump and his minions. I’ve tried to respond repeatedly, but somehow my message doesn’t get through. So let me say this again. I am a liberal, a […]

Trump orders federal government to cancel racial sensitivity training based on Critical Race Theory

An old Jewish joke, which I’m allowed to tell because I’m a secular Jew, describes cognitive dissonance for Jews this way: “Jewish dilemma: Free ham.” Well, one of the latest rulings of the Trump administration may create some cognitive dissonance among readers who, like me, both hate Trump but also dislike Critical Race Theory (CRT) […]