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Crowdsourcing an answer

Among the bets I made on the election (all favoring Biden to win), was this one, involving whether, if Biden wins, the election will be contested by Trump and ultimately decided by the Supreme Court. If Trump wins, however, the bet is off: “Just as in the Gore election, the Supreme Court can decide the […]

Livestreaming the Vice Presidential debate

You can watch Mike Pence and Kamala Harris go at each other at many places. One of them is the CSPAN livestream below. The debate starts in exactly an hour, and, if you wish, you may comment below as it proceeds. May the best Democrat win!

Sullivan on Biden

I’m not sure anybody here is over the moon about Joe Biden becoming President, although nearly everyone favors him big time over Trump. The issue for many, including me, is that Biden doesn’t seem that sharp these days. I know he has a stuttering problem, which may make him look at bit clueless at times, […]

Prognostications: The Senate race

We all know that a Democratic President is largely ineffectual without both houses of Congress, especially in these days of political fractiousness. The Senate is especially important—not for this Supreme Court nomination, which is a fait accommpli even if Trump gets very ill or dies, but for “packing the courts”, which roughly half the readers here […]

Debate thread

The first Presidential debate is two minutes away, and I’ll be watching at least an hour of it—if my digestion holds out. If you wish, put your comments on the debate below. I may put some reactions in this post, or I may wait until tomorrow. I’m of course rooting for Uncle Joe. . . […]

Can Biden win with the cat-owner vote?

It’s always been my unsupported belief that both atheists and Democrats prefer cats over dogs.  For cats I have a reason: cats are themselves atheists, as they live in the moment, enjoying this life, and worship nobody. As for Democrats, well, I’m a Democrat and I’d like to think that Democrats like independent animals, while […]

One-click messaging to your Senators about the RBG replacement

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has set up a site where, if you just enter your name, address, phone and Zip code, it automatically emails a pre-written message to both of your Senators. (You can modify the message, as I did.) The site is below (click on screenshot), and you can either email or call […]

Andrew Sullivan on violent protests and the election

I’m not sure whether access to Andrew Sullivan’s The Weekly Dish is still free, but you can try by clicking on the screenshot below (I have a paid subscription, which I think is money well spent). It’s only $50 per year, and if it’s not free I can use only very short quotes, which I […]

The Biden campaign repudiates Linda Sarsour

It’s been over two years since I wrote about Linda Sarsour, the odious anti-Semite and ousted head of the Women’s March, and believe me, I don’t miss her. She used to feature on this site quite often (see the collection of posts here), but she’s not in the limelight any more—not after having “resigned” from […]

Who will Biden pick as his running mate? A poll posted too late. . .

OOPS! Too late. According to the BBC, Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate. I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG! (See “news of the day” here.)  I think it was a wise choice. Anyway, if Harris is the candidate, as the BBC noted, discuss below. This is just for fun, as the announcement may […]