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Another antiracist book to read

Oy! I barely started reading Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility, to the detriment of my digestive system, when I learn that there’s another equally well known antiracist book out there, one that’s just been reviewed by John McWhorter at Education Next. To be sure, he says it is “the better of the two big antiracism bestsellers,” […]

Godless Spellchecker reviews “White Fragility”

Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility has enjoyed a tremendous resurgence of popularity since George Floyd’s murder. It’s appearing on many college reading lists, and is even a recommended resource of the Society for the Study of Evolution, which has now gone uber woke and has a full page of resources that will teach the guilt-ridden evolutionist […]

What are we reading?

It’s past time for a “what are we reading” thread. I’ve just finished one book and am about 40% through another. The one I just finished was inspired by my love of the Beatles, and I had high hopes for it because it goes through every Beatles song, analyzing it musically, explaining its roots, and […]

John McWhorter reviews White Fragility

Knowing a bit about Robin DiAngelo‘s book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism, having heard some of her lectures online, and also having read John McWhorter and listened to his exchanges with Glenn Loury, I was pretty sure that McWhorter’s review of DiAngelo’s book wouldn’t be full of encomiums. And […]

Faith vs. Fact out in Polish, reviewed by my surrogate dad

There’s a gynormous post on Pinker coming up shortly, and I hope to post it today. Many of you, who have sent me the Official Call for Demonization, know what this is about, but you’ll have to be a bit patient. In the meantime, I just received notice that Faith versus Fact has finally appeared […]

What are we reading?

In lieu of discussing politics or the pandemic, which are getting tedious and depressing, let’s talk about literature—or books in general.  This thread is about what we’re reading, and I like it because I’ve gotten many valuable tips from readers about things to read. This one came from my good friend Tim, who is a […]

A religious scholar goes after my book “Faith Verus Fact”, mainly because I didn’t deal with Sophisticated Theology®

An academic named Gregory Bassham has written a longish critique (18 double-spaced pages) of my 2015 book Faith Versus Fact. It apparently isn’t published (yet), but you can find it on the link below if you are a member (no fees, though you may have to sign in with Google or Facebook).  Click on […]

Should we judge literature by its ideology and its author’s ethnicity?

I have to say that Quillette‘s articles are getting distressingly predictable. Although many of them I find ideologically compatible and useful, as they call out the woke and the excesses of the Left, all too often I can tell what’s going to be in a piece simply by looking at its title. I don’t like […]

Alaska school board bans five great books from high-school English courses

As Clarence Darrow said in his eloquent summation at the Scopes Monkey Trial: “Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding. Always it is feeding and gloating for more.” To “ignorance and fanaticism” we can add “policing what other people can hear or read”, and a good example of that took place this week […]

Matthew sent me his book

After many weeks in transit from England (the book apparently went by seamail instead of airmail), I received a copy of Matthew’s new book. The condition of my reading it for him, to see if I could produce a blurb, was that he send me a copy of the British edition with a cat drawn in […]