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New WordPress glitch involving commenting

All of us, including me, are now subject to a new glitch on the site. When you want to leave a comment, you have to do so at the bottom of all the comments, which will show your sign-in requisites. Further, if you want to reply to a comment already on the thread, PLEASE hit […]

On restraint in commenting

I must note once again that some commenters are taking up an inordinate amount of space on threads, sometimes making 20 comments or so in a 60-comment thread.  While I like readers to comment, dominating threads in this way is something I speak about in Da Roolz: 9. Try not to dominate threads, particularly in […]

On blogger’s block

Yes, I used the b-word, as “website-writer’s block” has neither beauty nor alliteration. At any rate, I usually have a few things to read in the evening that I might post about here the next day. Yesterday I had nothing: everything I read, including a science paper, was either tedious, poorly written, said nothing new, […]

More improvements of this website for mobile devices

I’ve added, with the kind help of a tech-savvy reader, additional script on my dashboard that should further improve the appearance of this site on your mobile “device” beyond this morning’s changes. Try reading it on your phone and report the results below.  The tech person will be listening to comments. This is how the […]

An improved look for this site on mobile phones

Thanks to a very helpful and computer savvy-reader, I’ve added some script to the website display that should make it look much better on mobile phones. That should be operating now, so let me know if the appearance has improved. Thanks, The Management

Changes on this site, #2

Because WordPress is changing its editors, I’ve had to use a new plug-in to retain my beloved “classic” editing format to make it compatible with my website design. But because that design format is obsolete, it produces glitches, and I’m working on them. In the end, the only way to really fix this is to […]

Note to readers

I am reposting my “note to readers” of the other day because it doesn’t seem to have had much effect, and now that I’m about to be a duck grandpa, I’ll have even less time. Please read and especially note items 3 and 4 (I’ve added a new item as #5): It’s time for a […]

Note to readers

It’s time for a bit of housekeeping, especially since we have some new readers who apparently need some tips: 1.) If you haven’t read “Da Roolz” on the sidebar—the guidelines for commenting—please do so. And please adhere to them. 2.) The Roolz include several hints that are being flouted too often for my taste. First, […]

Note to readers

Perhaps because people are staying home more and spending more time on the Internet, I’m getting much more email than usual, often from readers contributing items and suggestions.  While I’m grateful for this—after all, at least half of what I post comes from items noticed and forwarded by readers—I’m starting to have trouble keeping up […]

Travel note to readers

As I noted several times in the last few days, I’m off to Paris tomorrow for eight days of fun and, of course, eating. This means three things: 1.) Posting will be lighter than usual. Matthew has kindly agreed to put up the Hili dialogues every day until my return. I will post as I […]