Glitch fixed (I think)

August 7, 2023 • 10:38 am

Several readers noted a glitch in the Jordan Peterson post, which involved the text running in a narrow column way down the page, making a mess of the whole thing.

Fortunately, Greg found the cause: some bad code that somehow got inserted into that post. He spent a fair amount of time fixing it, and now I think things are okay.

Many, many thanks to Greg for taking the time to do this. I hope we’ll be okay from now on.

Oh, and if you left a comment on the Jordan Peterson post that disappeared in the fix, please make it again. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Glitch fixed (I think)

  1. I used to get new comments when I selected the Notify Me of New Comments box. Then for a few months now, I never get new comments. You had us tell Greg about our issues with your site and many of us mentioned that. No response. Now I don’t see that option at all. Has WordPress eliminated that option?

    1. No, Greg is NOT in charge of fixing the website. I pay a guy to do that, but he seems to have disappeared. So please don’t accuse me of not trying to fix it, because I certainly mentioned this problem to the tech guy who gets paid.

      1. I assume you are responding to the “No response” in my comment. That was referring to whoever is responsible for the tech aspects of the site. Certainly I would have rephrased if I thought you would hear it as an accusation since I don’t show up to insult you. The purpose of my comment was just information for you. For all I know, that functionality has been eliminated.

  2. We get so caught up in our first world problems 🙂

    Since I can’t drink alcohol for medical reasons, I had a small glass of orange juice with pulp to chill out.

    Professor, enjoy your upcoming trip.

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