Feeding the ducks

August 7, 2023 • 11:00 am

The Dorm Ducks are thriving, and all ten are fat and sassy.  The weather has been good, too, with lots of rain, which they love.  They’ll be taken care of when I’m gone for ten days, thanks to the diligence of Team Duck.

Here’s a picture of me wheeling the cart full of water and food over to the dorm (“Meals on Wheels”), which we do three times a week.

I’ll put up a post of pictures from the other day, but I’ll add here that their secondary wing feathers have grown in, and their primaries are growing, too, and soon will be big enough to fly. Whether they will fly when they can is another matter: they have an easy life on the plaza, and I worry that they’ll scam us by making us think they can’t fly (so we’ll keep feeding them) when they actually can.  They don’t fly on our command, so that may be an issue.

Anyway: here’s Meals on Wheels (note my spiffy short haircut for the Galápagos trip).

The car has about 12 gallons of water, paper towels, duck pellets, mealworms, and miscellaneous duck-care items.

8 thoughts on “Feeding the ducks

  1. Bravo, glad to see it!

    Nothing like getting outdoors, fresh air, and channeling the naturalist, to whatever extent one can, it’s good for the health of everything and everyone!

    BTW :

    12 gallons water = 45.42 L = 45.42 kg = 100.1 lbs.

    That’s heavy!


  2. You look like you’re pushing a Drosophila food cart around the lab! Love the Meals on Wheels. With the U of C map in the background, this would be a good pic to put onto the Biology Department web site.

  3. I think we need to start a campaign to have that duck pond named after you.
    “The Jerry Coyne Pond
    Human Extraordinaire and Keeper of the Ducks”

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