A question for readers about posting

April 27, 2023 • 8:00 am

My crack website tech person has attacked the issue of all the comments having to be moderated, and I think that one is solved. The resolution was technical, and I don’t need to go into details, for what I want to ask the readers is this:

      Are you having any problems at all posting or subscribing to comments? 

Please describe any technical issues in the comments below, and if there’s something afflicting several people, I’ll try to get it solved.

“We aim to please”


67 thoughts on “A question for readers about posting

  1. I have NOT received ANY comments by email for maybe 3 months and have had to fill in ALL my info EVERY time for about a year🙈

    1. I have the same issue. I select “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.” every time I post, but it never saves my info so I have to re-enter it every time.

      1. Ditto, but it is a very small annoyance when compared with the value of the WEIT articles and comment discussions provides.
        Ps. I am a dinosaur who uses Safari browser usually on ipad or iphone but sometimes on macbook pro…all behave exactly the same to me as user.

    2. I used the Jetpack app to reply, hasn’t shown up in over 30 minutes. Also, there is no radio button on the Jetpack app to subscribe to comments of a post. This comment written on Chrome, subbed comments.

      1. On WordPress.com Chrome for iOs, testing comment function. Comments not numbered here, or on Jetpack app. Original Jetpack comment still not showing up anywhere.

  2. My only problem has been that my comments sometimes take a long time to get approved, and the the time they finally go through, they’re no longer relevant or someone else already said the same thing.

  3. Thanks!

    In haste:

    A.Subscribing to the website works.

    B. Subscribing to individual posts/pieces does not.

    There is a “[ ] Notify me of new posts by email” radio button at the bottom of the comment box. I assume it is for my A above.

    There used to be a radio button for I assume my B above. I have not seen it in a long time.

    I have not adjusted my WordPress account settings in a relevant way that I know of.

    Software used: latest greatest Safari on iOS.

    Thank you.

  4. I’ve found that when I post on the website, my comment sticks, but when I use the new Jetpack Reader app, my comment may stick, may stick and then disappear later, may wait for approval, or may not stick at all.

    1. Addendum: the Jetpack Reader app seems to be more reliable as of late, but I still don’t have a high level of confidence in it as a way to post comments and replies. It is reliable as a reader and a convenient tool to manage my own blog on WordPress.

      1. Have you found it to be reliable in alerting you to responses to your comments?

        I’ve really missed the bell icon, that for years was at the top right of the WEIT page, and the drop down activity menu it provided. That disappeared quite awhile ago. Then I got used to going to WordPress.com which still had the bell icon. But starting some months ago that stopped working and now just gives the same error message all the time. However, the bell icon on the WordPress mobile app continued to work. Until just recently. Now it shows you nothing and tells you to use Jetpack instead. I do all my reading and posting at the WEIT page and my only use for Jetpack would be notifications of responses to my comments.

        1. Yes, Darelle, I find the Jetpacks app reliable in notifying me about responses and new posts. It’s bell icon does indicate new notices. I prefer to use the app, since it’s convenient, and am willing to stick with it as it does seem to be getting better. I use the app not only on my cellphone but also on my tablet.

  5. I’m on a desktop. I do not receive comments except a rare, weeks-old, one slips through once a month or so.

  6. Since you’re opening up the floor to any technical issues, I’ll throw one in.

    I don’t know if this problem is unique to me or has already been mentioned, but I used to be able to look at the top of the site and see a little bell icon if anyone had specifically responded to one of my comments. This disappeared a while ago, but I found it on the WordPress site and would occasionally check that. It no longer works.

    If there was some way to bring this feature back, it would be useful. I’m sure I’ve missed things. I’m on an iPad, which might help explain the problem.

    1. That was the most useful feature WordPress had, IMO. For some time after the bell at the WordPress.com page stopped working the bell on their mobile app continued to do so. Just recently it stopped working there too. When you tap it you get a message that it has been discontinued and that there is a new app, 3rd party, you can download to get notifications. I haven’t tried it yet.

  7. I post using my WordPress account. I don’t see any issues except my posts sometimes don’t appear straight away, probably because of the moderation issue.

    I don’t have any concerns about subscribing because I get your posts from the RSS feed and the WordPress app (now called Jetpack) on my phone notifies me of replies to my comments.

      1. I assumed this depended on the browser & if I used Safari on my rubbish old iPhone or a PC or a laptop..!. I noticed the moderate thingy but assumed I had mistyped my email (the box never fills in as signed in any more for me), & I am pretty sure over the years PCC[E] has ‘approved’ many mistyped versions on my email due to clumsy pinkies on fiddly phone keys or banana-sized digits pounding the keyboard of the PC/laptop.

  8. Yeah, I post here and I get no email sending me a link for it to be fully approved/listed/watched/whatever and no emails about new messages put up or anything. I basically stopped doing it.

  9. I posted a comment yesterday and noted to myself that it no longer had the “your comment has gone for moderation” message. However, I checked on a different browser (Chrome – same laptop) and it didn’t instantly show up. I’ll check this one and let you know.
    Safari is linked to my WordPress account, so I don’t have the detail filling issue that Merilee et al mention above. I’ve never signed up for emails, I’m already inundated with the damned things!

    1. Yup – appeared to post immediately, but not yet visible on Chrome. So I’m guessing not actually posted (at 90 seconds). Will check once the 15 mins editing time is elapsed)

      1. Both the original comment and the reply were available on Chrome within a minute of my hitting “post” on the reply. So looks like it’s working with up to a couple of mins of lag.

  10. Another thing, Jerry: Sometimes your posts appear in the Reader app with all of the paragraphs flush right.

  11. Still no edit function, despite accessing the site trying several different browsers.

    Sure would be nice to get that back.

      1. Can edit when using Safari, not when using Google. (I like the Google display better, so I switch back and forth.) As long as I can edit somewhere, not a problem!

  12. For quite some time, months, my comments have not been appearing right away as they always had in the past. After hearing about the moderation issue I assumed that was the issue. However, all of the comments I’ve made here today have failed to show up right away.

    Maybe it’s a problem that is particular to my browser? I use Chrome. Also, I’ve never gotten the “Your message has gone to moderation” that someone up above mentioned. Not a big issue anyway.

  13. Like others, I have found that the ‘save my name’ function doesn’t function.

    For some time, my comments have disappeared into limbo before being posted. More recently, they seem to be appearing straight away, which I assume is down to the ministrations of your IT guru.

    1. For some time, my comments have disappeared into limbo before being posted.

      Here’s a tune by Jimmy Cliff for you to listen to the next time one of your comments goes into moderation, Steve:

  14. I access WEIT with a Chrome browser on my desktop, and have encountered no problem in posting. The lag of a few minutes (moderation?) is no problem, and no need of bells or whistles to inform me about comments. The mildly convenient Edit function occasionally makes an appearance, most often does not. In general, issues involving jetpacks, apps, and radio buttons fly right over the heads of us desktop dinosaurs. The website is GREAT. .

  15. Two issues I’ve had:
    1 Selecting the “Save my name…” box doesn’t seem to achieve anything for the next time I post
    2 If I fill in a website, the comment doesn’t go through, so I’ve stopped doing it.

  16. My comments post right away now, but I will try to comment more often to see how reliable that is.
    One thing that started many months ago is that when I post a comment, the page scrolls itself up to the top of Jerry’s post and comes to rest there. So to continue reading comments I have to scroll back down again.
    I wonder if others have that issue. Let’s’ see what happens to this one.

    1. Yes, I have that same issue and I just tried using my old (real) email address on a comment below and it didn’t show up yet. I’ll use my fake email to post this, since I know that one works.

      1. Comment using fake email gets through, ‘real’ email still doesn’t work. So no change on my end. I like green better than blue, so no big deal.

    2. My comments (Microsoft Edge) do not appear straight away – they have not for a long time. It is frustrating but as I expect to be ignored, it matters not!

  17. My comment was displayed immediately. I’m using Firefox on Windows 10.

    I do have one weird problem to report. If I try to put my signature at the end of the comment, it fails to be accepted, giving me the error message “Invalid security token.”. I have to post the comment without the signature, then edit it to add the signature. This has been going on for more than a year, IIRC. Not a big issue but if it could be fixed I’d be grateful.


    1. FTA: To create my signature, I type the HTML character code sequence “β” (without the quotes) to produce the Greek lower-case beta character at the beginning of the signature.

  18. I did write a comment on the NAS/Sackler post and it never appeared. Of course, it may be our host considered it did not pass muster.

  19. I have not trashed ANY comments in a long time (except for all out loons) and nobody is now under moderation, so if there are delays in comments PLEASE don’t ascribe them to me. I don’t know why these delays occur. At any rate, I’ve called the tech guy’s attention to these comments and we’ll see what more can be done.

  20. I access the site through Chrome on Windows 11 and leave comments via WordPress.
    The only problem I’ve encountered is that the option of subscribing to comments is gone.
    There’s a check-box for “Notify me of new posts via email,” but not one for notifying me of new comments on the post.

    1. Ditto. Subscribing to comments has been MIA for quite some time. It’s a significant impediment to following comment discussion.

  21. The only complaint I have is that if I accidentally pass my cursor over the wordpress/twitter/facebook symbols, the words “Log in to use….” show up, and will not go away. After five lines of text or so, the text box obscures what I am writing, and I have to move the cursor over it again to get it to drop down a little.

  22. For me, the commenting process has become so inconsistent and unreliable that I’ve largely stopped bothering (or at least cut down by about 80%). I find that my comments can take hours to appear, by which time the conversation has moved on, or they don’t appear at all. This has happened on a significant proportion of comments over the last few months, so many that I now copy my comment and paste to a local text file before submitting.

    I used to comment at my profile on the wordpress.com site rather than here on whyevolutionistrue.com, because it was easier to keep track of comments and replies in one place. If I made comments directly on whyevolutionistrue.com, they would appear immediately on the site, but they would also appear immediately in my profile at wordpress.com. What’s really strange is that I have made a few dozen comments since October last year, however, not a single one shows up on my wordpress.com profile, irrespective of whether it appears on this site. I therefore cannot view my comments or replies in my profile, so to check I would have to remember the post I commented on and browse the comments to check. All this just makes it hard work to participate as I would like.

    1. Sorry about this; it is certainly not something that we’re doing. I’ve put in a request to the tech person to check why it takes so long for the comments to appear–or not appear at all.

      1. It’s fine, I know it’s the last thing you want to be happening. It would be great to get it fixed though. Other forums are full of snark / condescension / sarcasm / anger etc., but here I can have civilised conversations with intelligent and informed people. It’s the only place online where I can to be honest.

        Also, as my issues seem to be consistent and reliably reproducible, I might be a handy test subject for your tech person. Please let them know they can reach out to me, as I’m only too happy to help. I’m a software engineer by trade (although this isn’t my speciality), so I may even be able to offer some insight into it.

  23. Does anyone else get th e following result?

    iOS Mail app : quotations are white font on gray background. Barely legible. Seems recent. Found no settings to adjust.

  24. Maybe not a technical issue as much as page layout, but each reply in an individual conversation is oriented further right on the page, meaning that after a few responses the comments appear as just a couple of words or so per line of text. A comment as short as this one, if posted as a reply on a conversation with a few comments, may end up indented far to the right and consist of 40 or 50 lines of just a few characters per line.

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