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Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in your pictures, I implore you! We’re already out of “photos of readers”, and I’d hate to ditch two features. Today we have wildlife photos from two readers. First up is Roger Sorensen. (All readers’ captions are indented): Two photos taken at the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, east-central MN, of the Common eastern bumblebee […]

Happy World Snake Day!

by Greg Mayer Jerry noted this morning that it’s World Snake Day, but I thought I’d add to the festivities by sharing a couple of photos of my Ball Python (Python regius), Vivian. I lifted Vivian’s hide box to take the photo, and she was mildly perturbed, so she defensively hid her head in her […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s contributor is reader Mark Sturtevant, and his notes are indented (he also provided, as always, the links): Over a year ago, during Spring, I was asked to join an all-expenses-paid teaching conference hosted by a textbook publisher in Phoenix, Arizona. So I went, but arranged to arrive several days early (on my dime) so […]

Here’s the snake!

Did you spot it in this morning’s photo from Christopher? I’ve circled it in the “reveal” below, and Christopher send an enlargement below that. His notes: The Rough Green Snake, Opheodrys aestivus aestivus. It is quite widespread in Missouri, absent in only the northernmost counties. According to my copy of The Amphibians and Reptiles of […]

Spot the snake!

Reader Christopher submitted a photo in which there’s a snake. I won’t say much about it, except that he worried it might be too easy. Well, I’d say this is between easy and medium, but see if you can spot it. More information on the snake when I put up the reveal at noon Chicago […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Do send in your photos! Thanks to kind readers, the tank has risen a bit, but I could always use more (don’t forget the Latin binomial as well). Today’s photos come from Susan Hoffman, an evolutionary geneticist at Miami University. Susan’s notes and IDs are indented. I saw your appeal for more pics, so I’m […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have a few in the queue, but I’d like more, so send in your good wildlife photos (please make sure they’re in focus, of a reasonable size, like 1mB, and have the species identified along with the Latin binomial). Thanks. We have several contributors today, the first being Dieter Letsch. As always, contributors’ words are […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

During the pandemonium surrounding the entry of Honey and Dorothy’s broods into Botany Pond at the beginning of May, reader David Campbell sent me some wildlife pictures. And, as sometimes happens, I forgot to put them in the “readers’ wildlife” folder. He reminded me, and, with apologies, here are some late photos. David’s captions are […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today’s photos come from the western U.S. desert, and were taken and contributed by Charles Peterson. His notes are indented: I work as a field biologist in the Mojave Desert, helping to keep the U.S. military in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. I got some nice shots over the past few days that I […]

Readers’ (and proprietor’s) wildlife photos

The photo tank is running a bit low, so I implore you to send me good wildlife photos (and don’t forget the ID and Latin binomial).  Today’s contribution is from reader John Crisp, who shows a lovely chameleon but asks readers to identify the species, as he doesn’t know it. His brief notes are indented. […]