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Here’s the dragonfly!

Did you spot the dragonfly in Robert Seidel’s photo this morning? Here’s the reveal and then a closeup.    

Spot the dragonfly!

Here’s a photo from Robert Seidel, asking us to spot the dragonfly. Click to enlarge the photo; reveal at 11 a.m. Chicago time today. Robert’s note: I believe this is a female emperor dragonfly (Anax imperator), rightly described as “bulky” by the website I used to check – this one was as large as my […]

Here’s the snake!

Did you spot it in this morning’s photo from Christopher? I’ve circled it in the “reveal” below, and Christopher send an enlargement below that. His notes: The Rough Green Snake, Opheodrys aestivus aestivus. It is quite widespread in Missouri, absent in only the northernmost counties. According to my copy of The Amphibians and Reptiles of […]

Spot the snake!

Reader Christopher submitted a photo in which there’s a snake. I won’t say much about it, except that he worried it might be too easy. Well, I’d say this is between easy and medium, but see if you can spot it. More information on the snake when I put up the reveal at noon Chicago […]

Spot the bird!

Reader David Fuqua sent a “spot the” photo which he thinks is pretty easy. Well, give it a try. Here’s what you’re looking for (and verify the ID if you can); click the photo to enlarge it.  The answer is below the fold: I rate this one easy, maybe too easy for your readers. This […]

Spot Ollie the Devil Cat!

Matthew Cobb has three cats: Ollie, Pepper, and the latest, Harry.  I met Ollie when I went to Manchester, and he clawed my nose open when I tried to nuzzle him. I was heavily exsanguinated! But never mind, here’s Ollie hiding in a photo Matthew took. Can you spot him? The answer is below the […]

Here’s the moth!

Did you spot the hidden moth in Tony Eales’s photo earlier today? From the comments it looks as if people thought they were supposed to spot the obvious moth on the left, but that wasn’t the hidden one. Here’s the reveal (click photo to enlarge). That wasn’t so easy, was it?

Spot the moth!

Tony Eales, a researcher in Queensland and regular contributor to “readers’ wildlife photos”, sent a “spot the” picture. I’ll let him tell you what you’re supposed to spot, and there will be a reveal later: I took a wide shot of this moth with a “spot the” in mind but found that on the computer […]

Here’s the frog!

Did you spot the frog in the tweet from Matt Clancy that I posted this morning? (I also put up the full picture.): Spot the #frog Mount #Kinabalu, Sabah, #borneo — Matt Clancy (@MattClancy94) April 29, 2020 Here it is! The feet are a giveaway—if you even saw them. 

Spot the frog!

Matt Clancy is an Aussie biologist, described in his Twitter bio as a “Melbourne-based ecologist and wildlife photographer with a passion for herpetology.” You’d better have a passion for frogs, or at least a search image, if you want to spot the frog in his tweet below. I’ve enlarged the photo. I’d say this one […]