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Readers’ wildlife photos

Although John Avise contributes the Sunday Duck o’ the Week, he’s sent me a lot of other photos as well, and they’ve been on the back burner. Today I’ll move some to the front, as we’ll see some of the felids John’s photographs, namely bobcats. His words are indented: You don’t necessarily have to visit […]

Caturday felid trifecta: The epicenter of Turkish Van cats; “what’s wrong with my cat?” photos; best of cats on “Q” (and lagniappe)

It’s Caturday again (and International Cat Day!), and during the pandemic, when all the days blend together, I have to remind myself to post the cats, as I haven’t missed a Caturday in years. We have three items and lagniappe. The first is a video of Turkish Van cats, a breed developed in England from […]

Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, ca. 2006-2020

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical (or Philosophickal) Cat died Wednesday. She was 14-15 years old. Peyton was familiar to WEIT readers, making her first appearance early in WEIT’s history, and her last (save this one) was last Christmas. Peyton had been ill for about a year. The first sign was a behavioral issue—urinating outside […]

Photos of readers

Last September I did a reader’s photo feature on Divy Figueroa, who does veterinary care on exotic animals, and I’m devoting an unprecedented second feature to her because she’s recently sent me photos of one of her new patients. It’s the kitten of a Geoffroy’s cat (Leopardus geoffroyi), a small (house-cat sized) denizen of South […]

Paper retracted for title and wording: “Where there are girls, there are cats.”

I haven’t seen the original version of this paper in Biological Conservation, which investigates the correlates of feral cat density in 30 Chinese universities, but a piece in Retraction Watch, below, implies that the title (and perhaps other bits of the paper) caused its retraction by Elsevier (the publisher) until until it was changed. The […]

Spot Ollie the Devil Cat!

Matthew Cobb has three cats: Ollie, Pepper, and the latest, Harry.  I met Ollie when I went to Manchester, and he clawed my nose open when I tried to nuzzle him. I was heavily exsanguinated! But never mind, here’s Ollie hiding in a photo Matthew took. Can you spot him? The answer is below the […]

The runaway duckling

Here’s a lovely video starring a brood of ducklings mothered by a gray cat named Prince Michael, and featuring an Ostracized Duckling, one Gabriel Aaron Duckworth. Watch Gabe’s travails as, unable to take the jeers of his four siblings, he runs away from home. Gabe has many adventures as the distraught Prince Michael searches for […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have FELIDS courtesy of reader Robert Fritz. His notes are indented: Some photos taken during a 2007 Alaska vacation. While driving south on the Richardson Hwy from Fairbanks to Chitina we saw an animal cross the road far ahead of us.  As we got nearer we were very excited to see that it […]

I must be a woman because I like cats?

Here’s an amusing attempted comment from someone named “forsoothredux”, trying to weigh in on my recent post “I get emails from loons.” I’m confused…I thought you Whyevolutionistrue were a woman, not a man because…cats? K🙄 Well, I won’t parse the grammar, especially the absence of two commas and the hanging “because”. But how accurate was […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

How do you feel about some of our non-animal relatives today? Reader Leo Glenn in Pennsylvania favors us with some plant photos as well as a variety of animal groups, including amphibians felids. His captions are indented: It’s been a while since I’ve contributed wildlife photos. With everyone on lockdown, I recently shared some “virtual […]