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Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have amphibians from reader Chris Taylor from Oz.  Chris’s captions and notes are indented. Every year in October, there is a frog census in Canberra and the surrounding areas of New South Wales.  I’ve been doing this for six years, monitoring sites at home and also on the Bush Heritage Australia reserve at […]

Here’s the wood frog!

Did you spot the wood frog in the photo from Tom Gula in this morning’s post? It wasn’t easy, was it? Here’s the original photo and then the reveals: The frog! If you can’t see it, look at the last photo for a search image:  

Spot the wood frog!

Reader Tom Gula sent in a “spot the” photo. Something to help pass the time as we continue in this pandemic twilight zone.  While walking through a wooded area of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in northern New Jersey this morning, I spotted an adult Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus) in the leaf litter (it jumped […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Please send your photos in, as to keep this feature going I need seven contributions per week. We don’t want to lose our beastie pics, right? Today we have diverse photos from reader Dave Campbell, whose notes and IDs I’ve indented: Here are some photos to replenish the cache with accompanying text.  I tossed in […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in your pictures, I implore you! We’re already out of “photos of readers”, and I’d hate to ditch two features. Today we have wildlife photos from two readers. First up is Roger Sorensen. (All readers’ captions are indented): Two photos taken at the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, east-central MN, of the Common eastern bumblebee […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some odds and ends, individual pictures (or a small set) sent by readers. First up is from Joe McClain (all readers’ captions are indented): I submit for your consideration for the Readers’ Wildlife Photos category this photograph. It depicts interspecies interaction between a young Sylvilagus floridanus [Eastern cottontail] and a stunning specimen of […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

How do you feel about some of our non-animal relatives today? Reader Leo Glenn in Pennsylvania favors us with some plant photos as well as a variety of animal groups, including amphibians felids. His captions are indented: It’s been a while since I’ve contributed wildlife photos. With everyone on lockdown, I recently shared some “virtual […]

Here’s the frog!

Did you spot the frog in the tweet from Matt Clancy that I posted this morning? (I also put up the full picture.): Spot the #frog Mount #Kinabalu, Sabah, #borneo — Matt Clancy (@MattClancy94) April 29, 2020 Here it is! The feet are a giveaway—if you even saw them. 

Spot the frog!

Matt Clancy is an Aussie biologist, described in his Twitter bio as a “Melbourne-based ecologist and wildlife photographer with a passion for herpetology.” You’d better have a passion for frogs, or at least a search image, if you want to spot the frog in his tweet below. I’ve enlarged the photo. I’d say this one […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributions today: frogs and birds. The first set (frogs) comes from reader Jonathan Wallace. All readers’ captions and IDs are indented. These pictures were taken at a small nature reserve near where I live (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK).  My wife and I visited a couple of times after dark this week enabling […]