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Recommended readings on evolutionary psychology

I’m still a bit under the weather with an incipient cold, but I’m taking zinc lozenges, which do have some science behind them supporting the claim that zinc shortens the duration and severity of colds. At any rate, since I’ve used them I haven’t had a full-on cold for several years. (A confounding factor: I […]

What’s the difference between identity politics and older movements for gay rights, women’s rights, and civil rights?

If you’re like me and abhor discrimination against gays, women, or ethnic minorities, and have worked for their equality in the past—and yet are also uncomfortable with “identity politics”—you need to do some hard thinking. Why is it okay to be in favor of all the “rights” movements I just mentioned, yet not be in […]

Bill Maher indicts the liberal thought-and-language police for Democratic losses

This segment of Bill Maher’s “Real Time”, which was published yesterday, blames Democratic election losses on the party’s having gone “from the party that protects people to the party that protects feelings.” Well, I’m not so sure I agree, but it’s a funny piece nonetheless. h/t: Barry

Dan Arel goes full regressive: accuses “classical liberals” (i.e., me) of “normalizing white nationalism”

I recently reported that Dan Arel, atheist author and blogger, had justified the sucker-punching of white supremacist Richard Spencer in Washington, D.C., basically saying that it’s okay to punch racists (he called Spencer a “Nazi,” which he’s not). My position is that it’s never okay to use violence against those whose ideas we dislike—unless they use […]

Milo Yiannopoulos talk canceled at University of California at Davis

Once again, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos has been prevented from speaking, this time at the university where I did my postdoc: the University of California at Davis. As CNN reported yesterday: A speech by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos’ at UC Davis was over before it even started Friday after protests erupted, forcing sponsors to cancel […]

A coalition of student groups at the University of Maryland make 64 demands

As usual, stories of misbehavior by the Illiberal Left on college campuses come from right-wing sites, and this one comes from CampusReform. It describes a list of 64 demands that different student groups at the University of Maryland (where I held my first job), working together under the rubric of “ProtectUMD” have made of the administration. These […]

Petition started by University of Colorado student to disinvite Milo from speaking there; claims that doesn’t violate free speech

Update: I’ve said previously that, in light of Yiannopoulos’s unconscionable attack on a transgender student in Wisconsin, he should be allowed to speak on campuses with the proviso that he be told to refrain from singling out and attacking individuals students from his bully pulpit. (There may be exceptions if those students are seen as public figures.) […]