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Art exhibit “postponed” because of hooded Klan figures in paintings

The tide of wokeism has come so far into shore that now it’s forbidden to even depict any subject that offends people, even if you’re depicting it to decry, criticize, and demonize bigotry or racism. Or, if you’re doing that, but are not of the “right” race or group to do it, you will still […]

A lovely video about making a ring

I find this video, in which jewelry-makeer Pablo Cimedvila (also a champion paralympic swimmer) manufactures an intricate and beautiful diamond ring, mesmerizing. (His YouTube channel, with many fascinating videos, is here, and his online store is here.) I had no idea how much skill goes into this wearable art. At least I think the centerpiece […]

Photos of readers

There’s only one in the tank after this, so send in your photos (two max, caption, cats welcome). Today’s reader is Lorraine, who restores and conserves artworks: The painting I’m working on in the series of photos is a lovely landscape by Russell Smith owned by an institution. It’s actually oil on paper and I […]

Artist’s makeup illusions

This is perhaps the most intriguing (and bizarre) face makeup I’ve ever seen.  When she speaks in the makeup at the beginning, it will freak you out. Who is she? Here are the YouTube notes: Dain Yoon is an illusion artist known on Instagram for her face and body painting. The illusions are all incredibly […]

Popular art history class canceled at Yale because it wasn’t “inclusive”

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Yalies! Of all the Ivy League schools I follow, Yale is becoming the most Woke, and not in a nice way. It’s been going on a while, but became more visible in 2015 when popular Yale professor Nicholas Christakis, who taught sociology and other subjects, and […]

“Thursday Appointment”

Rather than braining today, I’m celebrating still being alive, so don’t expect substantive posts today. It’s the holidays, after all. As always, I do my best. This Iranian film is perhaps the most powerful two-minute movie I’ve ever seen. It took me a while to understand what was happening (and the subtitles don’t help much), […]

New discovery: Earliest pictoral art in human history

A new report in Nature displays what is said to be the oldest “figurative artwork” in the world—work that is representational of real-world items rather than just abstract figures.  It shows not only hunting scenes, but “therianthropes” (human-animal hybrid figures), and also is the oldest “narrative art”, as it’s said to depict a hunting scene.  […]

A defense of the banana “artwork”

You all know about the work of “art” by artist scammer Maurizio Cattlean that sold for $120,000 last week in Miami. Called “Comedian,” it consisted of a banana duct-taped to a wall. Actually, a second version sold for $150,000 as well, so Cattelan cleaned up more than a cool quarter million dollars for his fake […]

Prankster eats banana from $120,000 work of “art”

Note: I just saw that this is the post #21,000 on this site. I like round numbers. As I reported splenetically the other day, an “artwork” consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall, “created” by “artist” Maurizio Cattelan, sold for $120,000. What a scam, if for no other reason than the banana was going […]

Banana duct-taped to wall makes artist $240,000

I have to say that much modern art eludes me, including all-black paintings, urinals signed “R. Mutt”, and so on. I tend to keep quiet about these things, for I’m sure there are erudite scholars around who will artsplain to me the enormous significance of such things, and then I’ll just feel dumb. Or, the […]