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Authors of anti-Pinker letter, having failed to discredit him, now write a 35-page academic paper claiming that the media and public misunderstood them

In July, a group of linguists sent a letter to the Linguistics Society of America (LSA) trying to get Steve Pinker’s status withdrawn as both an LSA distinguished fellow and a designated media expert. I analyzed the letter here and found it totally without merit—just a bunch of tweets that were misinterpreted as racist and […]

A new book justifies looting

It was inevitable. Although many on the left have downplayed looting and violence that sometimes accompanies protests, there have also been some who came close to excusing the violence, if not justifying it. Now comes writer Vicky Osterweil—on National Public Radio (NPR), of all places—touting her new book, In Defense of Looting. The NPR interview link […]

Catholic sacraments erased because priest wasn’t correctly baptized due to use of unpreferred pronoun. Church is contact-tracing to find the doomed.

This is one of the crazier manifestations of mainstream religion (Catholicism) that I’ve seen lately, and I would have missed it in The Detroit News had it not been sent by reader Steve.  Click on screenshot to read. I’ll just quote the gist of the article, which almost could have come from The Onion (my […]

More heat than light: the Axios interview of Trump

Here’s a 38-minute interview of Trump by Jonathan Swan, an Australian journalist who works for the American news site Axios. You’re not going to learn anything new about policy or politics from this interview, but you will see what a blustering narcissist Trump is. But you already knew that, didn’t you? It starts off antagonistically […]

A scary film by Trump’s religious and conservative supporters

The conservative Washington Times reports on the rise of a group of Trump supporters called “Trump 2024”, which has created a Kickstarter page to fund an eponymous documentary film. The previews are scary, putting you into the world of these religous nutcases and loons who, yes, do seem like “deplorables.” Their aim? Apparently to preserve […]

Sad news about Americans: 30% of us see coronavirus as a message from God

The survey on which the statistic above was based, as indicated in the Guardian article below, is a pretty reputable source: a collaboration between the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the University of Chicago Divinity School (the latter was probably appalled by the figure!). Click on the screenshot to read and weep:   […]

Protests in four more states, but not Illinois!

The protests against shutdowns have now spread to Indiana, Nevada, Maryland, and Wisonsin, with gatherings of the disaffected in Indianapolis, Carson City, Annapolis; and Brookfield, Wisconsin. The picture below is of the protest in Austin, and I was horrified at the degree of crowding and the lack of masks: As the NYT reports:  In Austin, […]

Trump urges insurrections—perhaps armed—against shutdowns in states with Democratic governors

Seriously, isn’t there a way to get Trump out of the Presidency before he does more damage to our Republic? After saying he’d leave it up to the states and their governors to decide when to “open up” parts of America, he’s now doing this: LIBERATE MICHIGAN! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 17, 2020 […]

University of Wisconsin-Parkside professor and dean suggests, on Hezbollah t.v., that U.S. made and released coronavirus to conquer other countries, and that Hitler wasn’t so unusual in his behavior

Well, here we see a snake employed as an American professor (of sociology) as well as a dean in a respectable university. Meet an unhinged, muddled, lying, and hate-spreading academic: Seif Da’na, a Palestinian-American Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (UWP).  He’s not only a tenured professor there, but also an associate dean […]

The hyperbole of TrumpSpeak

The evening news was preempted last night by the semi-regular press conferences of “President” Trump, in which he and his acolytes report on the state of the pandemic. I watched the whole thing, repulsed as I was by the man, because I was also fascinated by his language. As usual, his speech was larded with […]