“Your Inner Fish”– TV version– has begun

April 11, 2014 • 2:29 pm

by Greg Mayer

Jerry noted in February that friend-of-the-site Neil Shubin will be presenting a three-part series on PBS this month based on his bestselling Your Inner Fish. The series began this past Wednesday; I was unable to see the whole episode (because at the same time I was writing an exam I had to give the next morning!), but it seems to have gotten off to a good start, and I saw appearances in one or more of the clips not only by Neil, but by my friends and colleagues Steve Gatesy, Ted Daeschler, and the late Farish Jenkins (all of whom were involved in the discovery of Tiktaalik).

Neil Shbin holding a cast of Tiktaalik.
Neil Shubin holding a cast of Tiktaalik.

The program has a well done website, where you can watch full episodes, as well as many other videos, and find other great resources. There is a parallel website hosted by Biointeractive.org, an arm of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which also has many resources. The two sites seem to be only partially overlapping, so it’s worth visiting both.

The second episode will be aired in most areas next Wednesday, April 16, and the third episode the week after (April 23), but show times and dates may vary locally. There are also several re-broadcasts, and episodes become available on the website after broadcast. A DVD version will be released later this spring.

Celebratory contest

April 19, 2009 • 7:59 pm

I am preparing a large post, so I don’t have time to keep up diurnally; but, to celebrate the last couple weeks of my consistently beating out Inner Fish on Amazon (take that, Neil!), I’m having a contest. The winner gets a free autographed copy of WEIT, inscribed however you want (so long as the inscription is neither salacious nor demeaning). The winner will be the first person who correctly answers the following question.

What is the name of my teddy bear, a bear I was given the day I was born and still possess?

Rules: no prize will be awarded to my friends or relatives. Otherwise, use any wiles that you possess. Multiple entries are permitted.

Monday:  Nobody’s even close.  Come on, folks — nobody knew I was going to be an evolutionary biologist when I was born.  And the bear was named when I was very young, so names like “Hitchens” are out!  I’ll give clues later if nobody gets it (and I suspect nobody will).

Here’s a photo of said bear (the hairy one is me):