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Wokeness escalates at the University of Chicago: the school ignores its own “foundational principle” of not publicly espousing political or ideological views, and student activists occupy campus police headquarters

UPDATE: Professor Brian Leiter of the Law School (he’s the director of the Center for Law, Philosophy, and Human Values) added this comment to my public Facebook notice about this whole post: _________________________ I’m deeply saddened at how woke The University of Chicago is becoming. The students, of course, are far woker than the faculty, […]

Glenn Loury calls out his university for an official letter on racism that, he says traffics in “sophomoric nostrums.”

Glenn Loury is a well-known American author and economist, and you might have seen his hard-hitting “The Glenn Show” on  Loury was the first tenured black professor of economics at Harvard, but left for Brown University—where he’s now the Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics—because he said his […]

The Kalven Report of 1967, supposedly ensuring the political neutrality of the University of Chicago

In 1967, President George Beadle of the University of Chicago (a Nobel-winning geneticist and also an avowed atheist) convened a committee whose charge was to “prepare a statement on the University’s role in social and political action.” This was the result of many people calling for the University to take positions on political issues like […]

More fall at the U of C

These are pictures taken with my iPhone on my walk home yesterday. (Please, no more cracks about my owning an iPhone!). It’s about the most beautiful time of the year on campus. This is my building: Mandel Hall, which houses a food court, a big dining hall, and a theater, as well as various offices […]

Fall on campus

I had to go to the on-campus bank today, and was struck on my walk at how lovely the fall is here. Here are a few snaps I took along the way; these are taken with my iPhone camera as I didn’t bring my Panasonic Lumix along. And Botany Pond, duckless and sad. . . […]