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The omelette maker of Delhi

Writing about Kamala Harris reminded me of this video I had waiting in the wings. It’s about an old man who sells omelettes (an “omelette walla”) in Delhi, a place I love. And the video also exemplifies many of the things I love about India: the dedication to one’s work and one’s family, the persistence—and […]

The MS Roald Amundsen becomes a Petri dish

Several readers informed me about the coronavirus outbreak on the MS Roald Amundsen, the ship I was on last fall as a lecturer for five weeks in Antarctica, Patagonia, and the Falkland Islands. The article below is from Ars Technica (click on screenshot), and there’s another from the BBC.  It’s a sad tale of something […]

Old travels

Matthew is being nice and calling me every day because he sees that the solitude is getting to me. And, in response to my telling him that what I miss most now is travel, and telling him a few of my youthful stories, he urged me to recount some of them as a form of […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Richard Bond has some lovely photos of the Kourtaliotoko Gorge in western Crete. I’ve indented his words. A few years ago in Crete I had booked a trip to walk down the Gorge of Samaria. It was cancelled at short notice because of a forecast 50 Celsius in the gorge, so, on the spur […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Bruce Lyon, evolutionary ecologist at the University of California at Santa Cruz, is back with his felicitous mix of travel photography, animal photography, and natural history. I’ve indented his captions. Argentina part III Here is another installment of photos from my December trip to Argentina (previous posts here and here). Today there are more photos and stories from […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Paul Hughes was a passenger on the first of my two trips to Antarctica last fall.  He took a gazillion photos, and sent me two batches, the first of which I’ll put up today. Paul’s notes and IDs are indented. (This counts as documentation of my trip, too, since we were on the same […]

Airport etiquette, and an example of how not to behave

Even HuffPost can occasionally publish something useful. After all, they put up gazillions of pieces, most of them garbage, but occasionally, due to the law of large numbers, one of them might be useful. This is one example, though I already knew that the ten behaviors they singled out here were rude. Rather, I thought […]

My last three photos of Paris

Two of them are cat-related. Touristy placemats for sale: Lions hold up a balcony: And, aww. . . Pschitt. But this Pschitt is magic!

Last day in Paris: Rain and no restaurants

Sadly, my dining pal (like Matthew) came down with the lurgies this morning, and so we had to cancel lunch at d’Chez Eux (I believe a reader suggested that restaurant, and I was keen go to as I’d heard of it as a good bistro and also knew it had a well-respected rice pudding). I […]

Paris, day 7: Perfume and and a mediocre meal

It’s been raining cats and dogs all day, and so there are many poodles to avoid. This mandated another indoor thing to do, which involved getting a late start and then wandering the Place Madeleine to find the Place Édouard-VII, a small square in the Ninth Arrondissement built in 1913 and named for King Edward […]