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Readers’ wildlife videos

We are really running low on readers’ wildlife photos, so if you have some good ones, now’s the time to send them in. Today we have two videos by the late photographer and naturalist Andreas Kay from Ecuador.  The first is a caterpillar presumably mimicking a feather—a form of mimicry new to me.  Andreas’s YouTube […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Today we have two—count them, two—videos. I had forgotten about the backlog of wonderful videos by the late Ecuadorian naturalist and photographer Andreas Kay, but he posted quite a few before he died at only 56. I’ll parcel them out over the coming months.  Here are his notes on a remarkable caterpillar that almost certainly […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today. First, Art Williams sent some photos and videos, which include a fawn. Remember, if you see a fawn by itself, especially a very young one, leave it alone, as it’s almost certain that it was been left to shelter place while Mom went off foraging. Only call for help if it […]

Reader’s wildlife video

Today we have a video of an interspecific brawl sent by Swiss biologist Jacques Hausser and taken by his daughter in law in the town of Bassins (also Switzerland) last Friday. With permission, I put the video on YouTube so I could embed it. Jacques’s title and notes are indented below. There are also three […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Reader Rick Longworth sent us a largesse of not one, not two, but three wildlife videos he made. Turn up the sound, as there’s music or bird sounds, too. Rick’s captions are indented: Fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) acrobatics. This fussy female is checking out the left over apples and crab apples from last season. She is […]

Readers’ wildlife photos and videos

Origami artist and physicist Robert Lang has contributed several batches of photos to this site, and today proffers an especially nice contribution of photos and videos. Bocats! I’ll let him tell you about it. This email combines two of the great passions of WEIT: Reader’s Wildlife Photos™, and kitties! Last year I moved to Southern […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka (Vimeo page here, flickr page here) was so stimulated by some of the comments on her recent video—remarks about why a fishing egret would bob its head and neck—that she produced a new one, also showing a piscivorous bird (an American bittern) swaying its head and neck. I asked her how she thought this behavior […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

Nature videographer and regular Tara Tanaka (Vimeo page here, flickr page here) has a new video, one that features some of my favorite waterfowl. I think it’s one of the best videos she’s done to date, so be sure to watch. Tara’s Vimeo notes are indented.  I’ll be speaking in Tallahassee next month and have […]

Reader’s wildlife photo (and video)

As I reported, Andreas Kay, a superb photographer of Ecuadorian biodiversity, died last October at the young age of 56.  It was a tragic loss, but he left behind a big legacy: nearly 30,000 unpublished photos of insects and plants from Andean Ecuador. These were inherited by reader Lou Jost, a biologist who inhabits a […]

Reader’s wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka (Vimeo page here, Flickr page here) has graced us with two more of her videos, one very short. (I’ll see her, her famous blind, and her wetlands, the site of many of her videos, in March when I give a talk in Tallahassee.) Tara’s captions are indented, and be sure to play the […]