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Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine goes to three for discovering the Hepatitis C virus

Knowing that the first Nobel Prize for science would be awarded today—in Physiology or Medicine—I made a contest in which readers were to guess just one winner of each of the three science prizes plus the winner of this year’s Literature Nobel. Well, the first prize was awarded this morning, and the contest is already […]

Matthew’s theory, which is his, about why Covid-19 and other viral infections often reduce one’s sense of smell

Matthew tweeted his new theory, which is his, about why Covid-19 patients very often experience “smell blindness”, technically known as anosmia—the loss of one’s sense of smell (which of course also reduces one’s ability to taste). I asked him if he wanted to post it here, and he’s rewritten it so it’s understandable by the […]

A prediction: Do blind people dream?

  CLARIFICATION; By “dreaming” here, I was asking whether blind people have visual dreams. The NBC News tonight broadcast a segment about a little girl who was born blind but has a really positive attitude: she has her own upbeat show on local radio, reading from a Braille script, and says that the only thing […]