Caturday felid trifecta: The epicenter of Turkish Van cats; “what’s wrong with my cat?” photos; best of cats on “Q” (and lagniappe)

August 8, 2020 • 9:00 am

It’s Caturday again (and International Cat Day!), and during the pandemic, when all the days blend together, I have to remind myself to post the cats, as I haven’t missed a Caturday in years.

We have three items and lagniappe. The first is a video of Turkish Van cats, a breed developed in England from Turkish stock. They are mostly or fully white, and the best ones have heterochromia, or odd eyes. I saw many of these in Istanbul.  Here is the Van Cat Research Center and Cat House in Van, in Eastern Turkey. (“Cat” in Turkish is “kedi”.)

Not many of us will make it to Van (I haven’t yet), but it costs only 28 US cents to get in, and an additional $5 if you want to feed and pet the cats. They also sell cats, and there’s a premium for cats with different-colored eyes. If you want to visit the Center’s website (in Turkish), go here.

Look at those beautiful white cats!


Bored Panda has a great series of photos collected from the “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” reddit site. There are 50 photos of cats that are “malfunctioning”; I’ll put up a few but go over to the site itself (click on screenshot below) to see more. The title come from the site:

Bikinicat.exe Stopped Working


Just As The Prophecy Foretold


He fell asleep like this:


The rare and extremely dangerous trouser cat:


She tried out a new pose on the stairs today:


He’s about to speak Italian:



Here’s a compilation of the best cat moments from the show “QI” (“quite interesting”), featuring Stephen Fry, other hosts, and guests.


Lagniappe: According to the BBC, Palmerston, the official Foreign Office Cat in Downing Street, is retiring to the country. He’s been on the job for only four years, and I can’t help but wonder if his retirement is due to the frequent dust-ups he got into with Larry, the official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, who lived at #10. Here’s a news report on one of their battles:

At any rate, Palmerston left with a resignation letter:

Named after the famously interventionist and amorous 19th-Century Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister Viscount Palmerston, Palmerston has often featured in photographs involving visiting officials.

In a distinctly anthropomorphic letter sent to Foreign Office permanent secretary Sir Simon McDonald, Palmerston “writes” that while there, he “pawed numerous memorandums” and set up his own “parallel network” for intelligence gathering.

He adds that, during the pandemic he, like so many other civil servants, has decided to “work from home” rather than in the office, while remaining “as diligent as ever”.


h/t: Vera, Su, Jeremy

7 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: The epicenter of Turkish Van cats; “what’s wrong with my cat?” photos; best of cats on “Q” (and lagniappe)

  1. Palmerston was apparently stressed because too many FCO employees kept picking him up and giving him cuddles; and also overweight because they kept giving him food treats. During lockdown he was accommodated by the FCO’s Permanent Secretary, who may now have become his permanent staff. No word yet on any replacement.

  2. The new pose on the stairs cat has rather unusually broken markings. Without my glasses I could easily lose my bearings and end up in a tumble at the bottom.

  3. A flying squirrel once appeared in my bedroom in Richmond VA (long before their minor-league team took the name Flying Squirrels, which I gather suggests that they are plentiful there). When I went to release him a c*t went past the door in a manner that suggested to me that it was circling the house hunting for said squirrel, so I kept him and named him Geronimo. He domesticated quite readily, and within a week acted as if he wanted to climb up inside my jeans leg, while my leg was in it. With some trepidation I let this happen and in short order he was looking out from my unzipped fly. Geronimo was a great little bugger.

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