Spot the mongoose!

June 19, 2019 • 9:00 am

Yesterday, at the Koko Crater Botanical Garden, we spotted a mongoose darting furtively through the underbrush. Mongooses (mongeese?) aren’t native to Hawaii, but were introduced in a disasterous plan to control rodents. As reports:

The mongooses found in Hawai’i are native to India and were originally introduced to Hawai’i Island in 1883 by the sugar industry to control rats in sugarcane fields on Maui, Moloka’i and O’ahu. The introduction of mongoose to Hawaii with the intent to control rats was misguided, because while rodents make up a large portion of the mongooses’ diet, the their substantial negative impact on other desirable birds, insects, and animals outweighs their minor impact on rat. Mongoose are now widespread on all of the main Hawaiian islands except for Lanaʻi and Kauaʻi, where there are no known populations. Mongooses can live in both wet and dry conditions including gardens, grasslands, and forests.

Here’s one. Can you spot it? (Click to enlarge.) I would rate this as “fairly easy”. Answer at noon Chicago time.

16 thoughts on “Spot the mongoose!

    1. Yes, I rate this one as easy too. Nothing like those mantises or katydids (which I couldn’t find).

      1. Thanks, I do remember you discussing the complexity of the route of Hili to our screens. I should have added ‘ Missing Hili—-after only four hours’ she has been arriving at 8.30am up ’til now.

  1. I am never any good at these. I was better at the old Highlights magazine, find the presidents in the barnyard puzzles.

  2. Got it! I think. It’s kind of blurry.

    Quiz: There are only two mammals endemic (or is it indigenous?) on the isolated Hawaiian islands: what are they?

    Figure it out—what mammals could get there?

  3. Reminds me of the old joke about the zoo-keeper who writes to a species supplier thusly:

    Please send two mongooses.
    (Scratches it out and writes:)
    Please send two mongeese.
    (Scratches it out and writes:)
    Please send a mongoose.
    P.S. Send another one with it.

    (I’ll get my coat and leave.)

  4. Yes, an easy one. No need to enlarge. The mongoose into Hawaii was another stupid human trick. Notice on many of the palm trees all over Hawaii have small pieces of sheet aluminum wrapped around them. A way to stop rats climbing the trees to get the fruit.

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