Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Lent

March 22, 2017 • 12:11 pm

The author of today’s Jesus and Mo strip apologizes for being late with the Lent humor. The strip appears to be unusual in that it’s almost straight Catskill humor without any explicit denigration of religion—unless that be criticism of how un-serious people are at giving up stuff at Lent.

I’m off to see kea (I’ve learned that the singular and plural are the same) in an hour or so! Wish me luck. Here’s a photo of one taken by my friend Andrew Berry at Arthur’s Pass several years ago. Isn’t it gorgeous? He was very close to it, too:


28 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Lent

  1. A deal I’d make with the Pope: I’d forsake cheeses for Lent if he’d forsake Jesus.

    And it’s not like it’d be unprecedented; YHWH himself forsake Jesus at Jesus’s own darkest hour. Presumably, Jesus forgave God the Father in Heaven, so the Pope shouldn’t worry that Jesus would also forgive the mere Bishop of Rome for the same transgression, so it’s a no-risk deal.



    1. I always figured the two of them were in on it together.

      “Now you go get crucified, and I’ll bring you back afterwords and we’ll astound the world!”

      “OK, dad, but make it quick. You know how I’ve always been afraid of the dark.”

        1. The top of Avalanche Peak is probably the best place to see Kea as it it’s a day climb from the village and not only do you get close if they decide to come by but you also look down on them swooping around in the valleys below.

  2. In one of the stranger Government announcements this year, it was revealed that our beloved Prime Minister was giving up salt-and-vinegar flavoured crisps (US: potato chips) for Lent. The reason why is not fully clear. There is speculation that this is a sly reference to a comment some time ago by Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, that when the Brexit negotiations take place “there will be no cakes on the table, for anyone, but only salt and vinegar”.

      1. In Canada we put vinegar and salt on chips known in the US as French Fries. They are often served in paper cones by street vendors.

    1. @steve Not impressed. I expect a committed Christian to give up their Vivienne Westwood tartan trouser suits – to eschew all designer labels! I hope St. Peter puts her to the back of the queue at the Pearlies

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