FvF: Behind enemy lines (well, nearly)

August 10, 2015 • 2:30 pm

by Grania

Jerry’s received a couple more entries in the “photograph FvF in an incongruous place” contest, although, strictly speaking, only one of them is allowable under the Terms & Conditions. The non-allowable one is too good not to share, though.

Gregory Kusnick undertook a perilous journey across the road to take this.

Here’s my attempt at a Faith vs. Fact selfie. As I’ve mentioned before, this famous spot is right across the street from my apartment; however it was still a challenge getting there since I broke my foot last month and had to hobble over on crutches.

You may be interested to learn that the building housing DI headquarters is slated for demolition sometime in the next couple of years, to be replaced by a high-rise office tower surpassing the Space Needle in height. Not sure where the DI will go when that happens, but “away” is probably not one of the choices, unfortunately.


Pliny the in Between, who regularly creates satirical cartoons on a variety of secular and atheist related subjects, and who is no stranger on this site, sent us in this one.

Technically, I don’t think you excluded virtual selfies… (Did too, under “no photoshopping!” ~Grania)


44 thoughts on “FvF: Behind enemy lines (well, nearly)

        1. If “obligated” meant the same thing as “compelled”, there’d be no such thing as deadbeat dads.

        1. Au contraire; they are one of his best friends (albeit unintentionally). By naming him “censor of the year,” they inadvertently gave him a huge honor (the old line about the quality of one’s enemies), as well as a bit of a publicity boost.

          After all, having the Disco ‘Toot criticize your science is like having Malibu Barbie criticize your math.

  1. An office tower as the headquarters of an evil organisation is a bit cliché. Discovery Institute employees are not very imaginative.

      1. I would say the DI employees have very vivid imaginations to come up with the crap the put out…..”yeah, yeah, a snake talked and then she ate an apple and that’s why women have painful child birth.”

        But I see where you are coming from…

        1. I was mostly making a play on their movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. But they have no imagination in the sense that they can’t imagine evolution taking place…so it must not have (argument from personal incredulity).

    1. I doubt they’ll be able to afford space in the new building. The place they’re in now is kind of a dump, upstairs from a defunct gym.

      1. If they could, they would probably choose the top floor. They always choose the top floor. Good picture btw. Really nice!

      2. They must have been so upset when the gym stopped working. All those sweaty bodies grunting away under them would I’m sure have been an attraction.
        Or, did the gym move to get away from the Discotute? They lowered the tone of the neighbourhood, despite your uplifting presence.

  2. Grania, I didn’t use Adobe Photoshop – can’t afford it – it’s Keynote 😉 You people in the reality based community…

    1. What? I thought you were all just avatars in a cool virtual reality world that us ‘meat’ people can never actually join.

  3. I suppose if you were really in that place, with that book, you would be in for a beheading. Then you would be Pliny the beheaded.

  4. So what else is left? Creation Museum, Liberty U, Westoro Baptist, Mecca? That giant Jesus in Rio would be good, too.

    1. Another idea – any of Pat Robertson, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Ken Ham or the like (who am I forgetting?), holding a copy while angrily denouncing it.

      1. If you can get a copy signed by all of the above (can they all write? Probably, because they need to lie on their tax forms.), it would be moderately valuable, For novelty.

    2. Trying to think of a suitable location nearby … still trying. There was a place in Edinburgh where they burned witches on occasions, but it would hardly suit.

      1. Stonehenge might be an interesting choice, as part of the transition between faith and fact. Presumably built out of religious compulsion, but, at the same time, one of the oldest functioning astronomical observatories.


        1. Well, describing it as a “functioning astronomical observatory” is a bit on the generaous side.
          It did have some degree of astronomical function, but it would have been mis-aligned by the time it was finished building (it took centuries, and was completely rebuilt at least twice). And it’s ridiculously over elaborated for the purported astrnomical purpose. Besides, for the same alleged astronomical purpose, we’ve got about 90 smaller versions in the Neuk here which are aligned over a spread of nearly 90 degrees of azimuth.
          Wossname … Alexander Thom had an interesting proposition, and he certainly did a lot of good quality surveying work, but whether there is any reality to his “Megalithic Yard” and claims of great precision in alignments is much more dubious.

          1. You make my point…it was at the beginning of the transition from faith to fact. So, of course the fact suffers at the expense of faith…which is a great demonstration of Jerry’s thesis.

            Maybe couple it with a shot at the Greenwich observatory, maybe Harrison’s H4, to demonstrate the fruits at the other end of the transition….


  5. Have we had one in the Sistine Chapel yet? The Pope’s balcony thing?

    How about one from a US Republican party meeting?

    Sorry, that last one is just silly.

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