Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, ca. 2006-2020

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical (or Philosophickal) Cat died Wednesday. She was 14-15 years old. Peyton was familiar to WEIT readers, making her first appearance early in WEIT’s history, and her last (save this one) was last Christmas. Peyton had been ill for about a year. The first sign was a behavioral issue—urinating outside […]

Christmas kitties

by Greg Mayer Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, is not much moved by the holidays, except that, with someone at home during the day more frequently, she’ll be able to have her midday treat more often—her choice between salmon snacks or a paté. Unusually, she’s not taken to sleeping under the tree this year, but she […]

Caturday felid– for now

by Greg Mayer Since Jerry’s Southern Ocean sojourn has hampered his posting ability, and may lead to a delay in the Caturday felid, here’s a felid to tide you over till he’s able to make a full post. This is the Philosophickal Cat, Peyton, in her winter bed, placed near a heating duct. This picture […]

Peyton on Futuyma

by Greg Mayer Today was the first day of class for Biological Sciences 314 Evolutionary Biology, and already last night Peyton, the Philosophickal Cat, was well into her reading of Doug Futuyma‘s Evolution. Here, she’s boning up on the evolutionary developmental biology of wing and bristle morphology in insects. To her right is a list […]

Peyton’s Christmas

by Greg Mayer For Christmas, Peyton got a laser tower– a device that shines a randomly moving laser off a mirror. Peyton has long enjoyed playing with a laser mouse (hand held device, in the shape of a mouse). In fact, she seeks us out to play with it at about 8 PM each day, […]

Peyton’s National Cat Day

by Greg Mayer I had not realized that yesterday was National Cat Day, but, alerted to the fact by Jerry, and following his advice that “treats and catnip are even better”, I was able to arrange an impromptu celebration with Peyton, the Philosophical Cat. Fortunately, we had just harvested the catnip crop a week earlier, […]

Internet Cat Video Film Festival

by Greg Mayer From the BBC’s Technology [?] section, comes news of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival at Minneapolis’s Walker Art Center. The festival will be held August 30, 2012, from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM. (An hour seems a bit brief, but most cat videos are really short.) If you can’t go, you […]

Best kitteh ever

by Greg Mayer The best kitteh ever is, of course, Peyton, the philosophical cat, who has previously contributed to our discussions here at WEIT on morality, ethics, and epistemology. But, as a semi-regular contributor, she is ineligible for the Kitteh Contest, so readers should submit their nominees to Jerry by 5 PM December 1.  Here […]

Caturday felid: the philosophical cat

by Greg Mayer Peyton is a WEIT blog regular, who last appeared here in a post by Jerry. This is a picture of her taken by Jerry while visiting me in September. I put up a copy of this photo recently in Jerry’s lab, joining an illustrious group of cats that grace the wall outside […]

Caturday felid: kittehs and epistemology

When I visited Greg Mayer last week, he explained that his cat Peyton was a “philosophical cat.” I naturally asked why, and Greg explained: Cats are realists One of the oldest philosophical debates is between realism and idealism. Both come in several flavors, but the basic difference is between their views of the external world: […]