Christmas kitties

December 25, 2019 • 12:00 pm

by Greg Mayer

Peyton, the Philosophical Cat, is not much moved by the holidays, except that, with someone at home during the day more frequently, she’ll be able to have her midday treat more often—her choice between salmon snacks or a paté.

Unusually, she’s not taken to sleeping under the tree this year, but she has found a spot on the dining room table amongst the accoutrements of the holidays. Her eyes are very bright, which I attributed to the flash, but another viewer of the photo thought it was because Peyton can stare into your soul.

I’m cat-sitting over Christmas, so I can also share a second cat, Delilah, a longhair, who has both the hair and the cranial structure typical of the breed.

Delilah gave me a present, which she disdainfully glanced at in order to bring it to my attention, preferring for herself canned cat food to fine Belgian chocolates.

And even though he’s a d-g, here’s Peyton’s nephew, Q-Tip, taking more advantage of the under-tree space at his house. (And, yes, obviously, he’s her nephew by adoption.)

6 thoughts on “Christmas kitties

  1. I would like to see more pictures of Delilah, please!

    And Belgian chocolates? Count yourself blessed; I have only ever received much less desirable gifts from my cats!

  2. So, spent Xmas with the ex because my son spent it with her and his four year old brother and their cat.

    When the brother opened his gift of troll dolls, the cat immediately recognized them as the poofy haired small cat toys that they are, and started absconding with them. We tried moving them and hiding them under some napkins, but she was undeterred. She had to have her some trolls! It was quite funny.

    Another good moment came when the kids were playing some Peppa Pig kiddie matching game with a fairly large 12-sided die. The cat watched for a few turns. Then pounced on the die and took it away as a trophy.

    She also got enough ham to start turning down treats.

    So, a good cat Christmas. And a merry one to everyone out there!

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