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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the rong religion

In today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “crate”, Moses is still self-quarantining with the boys, and are getting their brewskis delivered.  Sadly, what they think is a beer delivery is actually people worshipping THE WRONG GOD!  

Is a National Park violating the First Amendment?

Today, after snorkeling at the nearby Honaunu Bay, I visited the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, a small but historic abode of Hawaiian royalty and a “place of refuge”.  As the Wikipedia entry notes, The historical park preserves the site where, up until the early 19th century, Hawaiians who broke a kapu (one of the ancient laws) could […]

Ben Carson’s shameful and willful scientific ignorance

Ben Carson, former neurosurgeon, Seventh-Day Adventist, and overall ignoramus about science, is now the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. I’m hoping he wins that nomination because he’s a born loser, and Hillary (or whoever) would defeat him handily. But I doubt he’ll be the candidate, for although my opinion of Americans’ political acumen is pretty low, I […]

Australian Jehovah’s Witness (and her fetus) die after mother refuses blood transfusion

Now here’s a conundrum: at what stage of life does a fetus acquire the “right” to be free from having its health controlled by the religious beliefs of its parents? According to yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald, a 28-year-old woman in Australia was discovered to have leukemia when she was seven months pregnant. She was also a […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses to kids: Pay attention in church or you might die

From the New York News, via reader Barry, here’s a cartoon produced by the Jehovah’s Witnesses that very gently tells kids (these ones named Caleb and Sophia) that they might die (or not go to heaven?) if they fail to pay attention at the church meeting: And so we see the form of terror that religion must […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses forced by British judge to allow their child a transfusion

It’s been a long day, what with preparing to leave and all, but there’s some good news at the end of it. A short article in the Guardian reports that a British judge has ordered that the child of two Jehovah’s Witnesses, a child suffering from bad burns, undergo a transfusion. As you may know, the […]

A Jehovah’s Witness criticizes me for criticizing their policy on blood transfusions

In my talk on the incompatibility of science and religion, I gave a “worst-case” scenarios of the harm inflicted by choosing religion over science. I’ve written about this before, so won’t belabor it here, but it involves the denial of medical care to sick or injured children on religious grounds.  In most (48/50) U.S., states, parents […]