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Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in your pictures, I implore you! We’re already out of “photos of readers”, and I’d hate to ditch two features. Today we have wildlife photos from two readers. First up is Roger Sorensen. (All readers’ captions are indented): Two photos taken at the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge, east-central MN, of the Common eastern bumblebee […]

A defiant song of protest in Santiago

by Greg Mayer Jerry has mentioned in his posts that the civil disturbances in Chile have had some effects on his travels there, including curfews and demonstrations in Valparaiso. These protests are continuing, as are protests in a number of Latin American nations. (The president of Bolivia, after apparently trying to rig an election, was […]

Shuri Castle severely damaged by fire

by Greg Mayer Regular readers of WEIT may recall that I have posted a few times about Okinawa, including pictures from a visit I made there in 2017.  One of the places I visited was Shuri Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site which was the seat of the Ryukyu Kingdom for 450 years, from 1429-1879. […]

Storm in a jockstrap

by Grania Gillette has unleashed its latest commercial. Instead of its usual claim that it’s the best a man can get, this time they have opted for some social education and encouraged men to call out other men they see behaving badly. It’s not the worst advice ever given, although I suspect that many in […]

Je suis encore Charlie

by Greg Mayer Following up on Jerry’s post, I note that in a piece in the New York Times op-ed pages yesterday, Andrew Solomon and Suzanne Stossel, the leaders of American PEN, defend giving an award to Charlie Hebdo, and defend Charlie Hebdo itself. The piece is quite good, suffering only from a bit of […]

Guest post: Je suis Charlie?

[JAC note: Greg wrote this two days ago, and I think it will be the last thing written on this site about the Charlie Hebdo murders. One can never be sure, of course, but I think Greg’s post closes out the matter for us.] by Greg Mayer Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, a number of commentators, while […]

Wikipedia is an error multiplier

by Greg Mayer Close readers of WEIT will know that I rarely cite or link to Wikipedia (other than for images), and that I have occasionally promised to at some point say more about this. This won’t be a full account, but a recent spectacular example of Wikipedia’s ability to spread error has been reported […]

Cats in the “Museum of Corruption”

by Greg Mayer After security forces abandoned the Ukrainian presidential palace amidst street-fighting in Kiev, protesters seized control of the opulent mansion and its grounds (which include a zoo and a pirate-themed restaurant). The protesters, who seem well organized, did not loot the palace, but have opened the grounds for the people to tour, and […]

Why there probably isn’t a ghost ship full of cannibal rats headed for the British Isles

by Greg Mayer There’s been a lot of media attention the last few days about the prospect of a derelict Russian passenger ship, the Lyubov Orlova, crossing the Atlantic from Canada (where it was last berthed) and crashing into Ireland or Britain, spilling disease-ridden, inbred, cannibal rats on their shores. The ship was being towed […]

Nature editorial supports science at the Field Museum

by Greg Mayer Jerry and I have written about the plight of science at Chicago’s Field Museum, both here at WEIT, and with several colleagues in a letter to Science. In an editorial, Nature, the leading scientific journal of the English-speaking world, has also spoken out in support of science at the Field. In the […]