Today’s post by Tom Gross on the war

October 15, 2023 • 10:45 am

It turns out that readers here can’t subscribe to Tom Gross‘s email newsletters, as they’re intended for people in media and politics. Tom has, however, kindly agreed to send the newsletter to me and allow me to reproduce the contents on this site. Here’s his latest newsletter, with his words indented.

90-year-old Czech-born Holocaust survivor Gina Semiatichova, murdered last Saturday by Hamas terrorists in her living room. They executed her by putting a gun to her head.

New York last night

The cover of today’s Yediot Ahronot newpaper in Israel. Just some of the children kidnapped by Hamas. The youngest is 9 months old.

“With great pain the management, teaching staff and pupils of Belich High school bows its head in memory of their 12th grade pupil Lior, a young girl full of joy of life, always surrounded by friends, brutally murdered in the Hamas terror attack.”

I attach five more very short videos I posted yesterday evening and this morning: 

Please watchThis hostage is a world-famous agricultural expert who helped millions of poor Muslims, children, refugees

Sister of 17-year-old Hamas hostage begs for help, one of 200 Hamas hostages from 20 countries

London yesterday: Pro-Hamas mob chase & threaten to behead Iranian who expresses sympathy with Israeli victims

Hamas leaders warmly greeted in Qatar last night, kissed by Iranian foreign minister, while Israelis, Palestinians suffer because of them

Today in Idlib, north of Gaza: Russian attack, no warning to civilians, no UN condemnation, no CNN, no BBC  [JAC: Idlib is a city in northwest Syria]

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  1. Similar posters were put up on the Katy Trail in Dallas last night. Not by trail management. Heat-breaking. A few had been torn. I’ll send you a photo.

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