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May 3, 2023 • 8:15 am

Send in your photos, folkx! (That’s the ideologically correct spelling of “folks”.) I am in desperate need of wildlife pictures.

Here’s today’s contributor, as described in a previous post:

Today’s photos come from Rosemary Alles, who lives in South Africa and works for a conservation organization that partners with local people. Her narrative and captions are indented, and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

I am an American living (temporarily) in SA. These pics were taken from my small studio in rural South Africa and while within the greater Kruger region. I am originally from Sri-Lanka, a war-torn nation just to the south of India. My family and I immigrated to the west to escape a violent civil war in Lanka.You can find more about us (the work our org does) here. We focus primarily on indigenous women/children at the intersection of conservation.

Her narration is indented:

Here are a few more from our most recent trip with the kiddos. Will send you more eventually. Nothing new; however, there’s an interesting sighting: a breeding herd of elephants walked (intentionally) into a pride of lions, and the two dominant male lions got up – immediately- and gave way to the elephants, (specifically, to the matriarch) signaling “no contest and surrender”. It was too dark for a video clip. A single data point, but it confirms my pseudoscientific hypothesis that the real king of the forest is the elephant.

Here is a warthog she has befriended, sent on the occasion of Agustín Fuentes’s claim that the sexes aren’t binary:

He’s my friend Colonel Ballsy.  He shows up (sometimes) in a tutu, but alas, still a male.   Cheers from South Africa, where we are not as confused as Agustín Fuentes.

JAC: This is the common warthog (Phacochoerus africanus).

Lion [Panthera leo]:

Baby elephant [ African bush elephant, Loxodonta africana]

Adult elephant:

Baby elephant:

13 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Splendid set!… ahem.. quite a pair of warthog photos, there…


    I applied the FedEx rule (the arrow) to “folkx” and best I got was a little fishy with a wispy tail maybe eating kelp.

    … so the “kx” part resembles like a fish eating kelp. Maybe.

  2. What magnificent, evocative photos! Taken from the safety of a Land-Rover, I hope?
    The light and clouds are just splendid.

    I’ll leave others to comment on Col. Ballsy 🙂

    1. Greetings Susan, Colonel Ballsy is a lovely chap, he’s around almost everyday; he’s getting *older*, ergo, and mostly, he hangs around the waterhole, napping. Occasionally, he wakes up in a start to chase the other animals away – mostly competing males.

      Generally, he’s benign.

  3. Such exciting photos and a great cause.
    I thought warthogs were dangerous to people. Sounds like he’s a nice guy though.

    1. 😅. ha ha ha. In all honesty, I took that pic for my teenage niece who thinks the *penis is a social construct*, it’s not clear to me if she’s trying to -wickedly- annoy me or because she really believes it. Gender ideology is a nasty virus.

    1. Here’s around my place almost everyday, and, after he’s chased everyone else away (mostly competing males) he takes a nap by the little water hole that my landlady has very kindly installed for the wildlife…

  4. Your photos of African fauna are always a treat. Thanks for these excellent photos. Beautiful skyscape on that first elephant photo. Colonel Ballsy will be remembered!

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