Spot the cat!

January 24, 2023 • 8:15 am

Readers’ wildlife will resume tomorrow while I conserve the contributions I have. Keep sending them in, as I can never have too many. Thanks to those who already answered the call.

Reader Stephen sent me this photo of a woodpile, and there’s a cat in there somewhere. Can you spot it?  You can say whether you succeeded or not in the comments, but don’t reveal its location there so that other readers have a chance to find it for themselves.

I’ll put the reveal up at noon Chicago time.

I found it really hard to spot, but a few other people found it readily. Maybe there’s some kind of mental dichotomy in people’s ability to spot camouflaged critters.

17 thoughts on “Spot the cat!

  1. Holy – is that a real live cat?! I’ll wait til the reveal to drop spoilers….

    Good one!

    This is almost like chess – or, perhaps I’m just playing too much chess recently….

  2. This took me a long time. I had a couple of “maybe that’s a cat” sightings elsewhere, but once I found it, it was unmistakably a cat.

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