7 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Qatar

  1. I guess if the “barperson” had been a gay male rather than a barmaid, it would be the illegality of same-sex relations in Qatar that Mo would have liked best.

    Great strip!

  2. I always like the barmaid strips the best, though I do find it a bit odd showing Mo drink beer…perhaps it’s non-alcoholic. 😉

    1. Somewhere in the “canon” (I use the term deliberately) of J’n’M strips it is stated that they both drink Guinness. Which is far from the strongest beer on the market, but at 4.2%v/v ethanol would probably have a minimum drinking age somewhere in the mid-40s for most American states.

  3. A little known fact about Muhammad is that he married his boss who was 15 years older than he was and she remained his senior (boss) during the marriage. He only married other women after she died. It was her support that made him believe in his mission as a prophet. And so, you may wonder why Islam has become like it is today.

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