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A groveling apology from a professor who simply called for more college football, which is apparently racist

What follows is one of the most ridiculous and embarrassing instantiations of wokeness I’ve seen anywhere, much less in colleges. If you want to see the equivalent of a full, self-abasing confession in the religion of Wokeness, then read the second article below from Inside Higher Ed. When I initially read it, without reading the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Please send your good wildlife (or people) photos in, folks; I am getting a bit nervous. Yes, that’s my default state, but I do need photos. We have three contributors today, the first being from Joshua Lincoln, who contributes a lovely fly: I was looking for dragonflies and butterflies by the Otter Creek near Middlebury, […]

Two Italian girls who played quarantine tennis meet and play with their idol, Roger Federer

When I posted this video on Twitter, showing two Italian girls who were huge fans of Roger Federer, and also played “quarantine tennis” between rooftops before they met him, I got pushback that it was a fake video: a commercial proposition for advertising Barilla pasta (Federer does promote the company). But I still think this […]

World Rugby considering banning trans women from women’s rugby

As I’ve said before, trans people should have every civil right that “cis” people have, and I think it’s only decent to honor their request about what pronouns they use.  But this does not mean that trans women should have every right that cis woman have, as there are circumstances when equal treatment is trumped […]

Fake wrestling deemed by Florida’s government to be an “essential service”. But why? Could it be. . . . Trump?

Reader Ken called my attention to a Guardian article reporting that Florida’s governor Republican governor Ron DeSantis (a Republican, of course) had deemed “professional wrestling”—a “sport” that is fake and scripted—to be an “essential service”. It was banned under the original lockdown, but the good governor changed his mind. As the Guardian reports: In an […]

Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

Oh dear, you never know when something like this will suddenly take away a young life. Basketball great Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest NBA players ever, was just killed in a helicopter crash. Click on the CNN screenshot to get the live updates. He was only 41, and had four daughters. It’s horrible.  

Iran’s only woman Olympic medalist defects to Europe

I weep for the people of Iran. They’re not nearly as religious as their theocratic rulers, they used to be much more “modern” and secular before the Revolution, and, after surviving a brutal war with Iraq, are now demonstrating both for and against the government, with supplies low, gas prices high, and an oppressive religious […]

Andrew Sullivan on women’s sports and the testosterone issue

I’m spending more time reading Andrew Sullivan’s Friday columns in New York Magazine than I used to, as he takes a refreshingly thoughtful and non-ideological approach to many topics. Once a conservative and frequent writer on things religious (he’s a gay Catholic), he seems to be getting more liberal and less religious. I’m hoping he’ll […]

Footy skills

UPDATE: Speaking of soccer greats, I’d urge you to read this post from 2012, in which I interviewed renowned soccer commentator Seamus Malin about the best games and players he’d ever seen. I really like that post. _____________ In honor of the birthday of Johan Cruyff, I present a 6.5-minute video of great soccer skills […]

Surfing the world’s biggest waves

When I was in Hawaii I became fascinated with the surfing culture, and curious about why so many people devote their lives to it. I’d probably understand more if I ever tried it, but that’s not going to happen. Yet I can get an idea of its allure when I watch videos like the ones […]