Dinner last night

April 29, 2022 • 3:45 pm

As I am the lecturer for the University of Chicago group on this trip, my duties including hosting two tables on two nights that include all the alumni. Last night was my second night.

The invitation sent to the alumni, front:

Back. Is this a misspelling or some kind of pun?

La carte:

Sopa de pedre, or Portuguese stone soup: “Kidney beans, garlic, onions, pork belly, black sausage and potato. It was good—and hearty:

Mixed grill: “Pork tenderloin, chicken sate, lamb chop, sausage, herb butter, garlic, Pont Neuf potatoes, braised roots celery.” It was, well, mixed. The star was the lamb chop.

Dessert: “Arroz Doce: Portuguese rice pudding”. Judging from this example, the Portuguese like their rice pudding very dry.

12 thoughts on “Dinner last night

  1. The star was the lamb chop.

    Same thing they used to say about the ventriloquism act of Shari Lewis (born Phyllis Hurwitz), too.

  2. Re: BON A PETIT-
    Many years ago, my french professor (ie professor of french) told of a two letter written answer to the frenchman’s question: “Are you hungry?” Two letter written answer: “J a” (read J grande a petit)

    The soup looks great!

  3. bon a petit is actually quite meaningless. A literal translation would be good (or nice) little. This is a fairly common misspelling, and therefor bon à rien—good for nothing.

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