I have landed

April 5, 2022 • 6:34 am

While Matthew was posting the Hili dialogue, I was in the air, but have just landed at Houston’s International Airport, tired as a dog. (How come people don’t say “tired as a cat” when cats sleep far more than dogs?)

Thanks Ceiling Cat for my Global Entry, which is cheap (I think $100 for 5 years, and gets you completely through the customs line immediately as well as throwing in TSA Pre-Check for free.  I recommend it highly.)  Now, since my next flight to Chicago is in about 3.5 hours, I’m going to try to get on an earlier flight.

I’m HOME!  Here’s a photo of a man wrecked, but I watched “Pride and Prejudice” and “King Richard” before I zonked out (no real sleep though).  Both movies were okay (I love Keira Knightley, and Will Smith put on a respectable but not, in my view, an Oscar-worthy performance.)

No makeup!:

22 thoughts on “I have landed

    1. My thoughts entirely, DrBrydon. “How come people don’t say “tired as a cat” when cats sleep far more than dogs?)” – the answer is in the question!

    1. It certainly wasn’t Oscar-worhty! It was entirely adequate and nothing more. But the Oscars haven’t been about merit for a long time now, and nobody cares anyway. Even “the slap” is something that everyone will stop talking about one month from now, unless there are “new developments” and the media forces it into the news every now and then. But, even right after, nobody was talking about the Oscars. I had forgotten that they even happened until I started seeing stories about the slap. Never looked up who won or anything, because…who cares? They even cut the technical awards — you know, the ones about making movies instead of just celebrating celebrities and their egos — from the live broadcast. It’s truly nothing more than just a gala to stroke egos now, without even a pretext of celebrating the craft of film.

      1. Very well said, Carbon. A real shame that the technical crafts behind movie making were relegated to a lower status.

        1. Why thank you! I do have a tendency to be long-winded and think I’m smarter than I am, but I manage to say something of value every once in a long while 😉

          I do like that you pointed out that the technical aspects were “relegated to a lower status.” That’s a perfectly concise way of putting it. And those were always my favorite awards because they used to be the awards that actually meant something to me, in that they tended to be least steered by bias. Those were the categories where movies like Blade Runner 2049 could grab recognition and awards (I was so happy when Roger Deakins finally got his Oscar for cinematography!). The Academy seems less interested in promoting the craft than ever before. Those Oscars might as well be eliminated entirely, for all the good they do now…

    2. I’m standing by for an internet meme involving a combination of “The Slap” and Will Smith slugging an alien in “Independence Day.”

    3. I reasonably anticipate an internet meme combining “The Slap” with Will Smith’s slugging the alien in “Independence Day.”

      1. I reposted because I never saw my first posted. The first only posted when I posted the second. Perhaps a rift in the fabric of the space-time continuum.

  1. Ah, the long and winding road has led you home! Now take your time, stay in bed, and float upstream…

    1. Thanks for that; very interesting. But I can think of a fifth scenario: that Putin believes his own propaganda, and continues to wreak destruction on whatever bits of Ukraine he can get at, on the spurious grounds that thereby he is destroying what he thinks is a ‘neo-Nazi’ regime on Holy Russia’s doorstep.

      Everything that Putin has said for over 20 years shows that he doesn’t regard Ukraine as a real country, but rather a province of the Motherland. Never mind that Kyiv was a prosperous city when Moscow was a collection of mud huts: in Putin’s eyes, Ukraine is ‘Malorussia’, ‘Little Russia’, forever subordinate to Great Russia, just as Belarus (‘White Russia’) is.

      Putin is now into this, up to his neck. And so are we. I really think that it’s little exaggeration to suggest that the future of the European and American vision of the world depends on us winning, and him losing.

  2. For British readers of this site who have enjoyed “our” trip to Antarctica: Job posting for team to run a Post Office down there where counting penguins is part of the job description.
    – I think you need to be British so PCC(E) can’t go. Which is good as I imagine posting online there is tough. best,

  3. I’m traveling to Scotland for a month this coming September with my dad, and we’ve been going back and forth on whether to apply for global entry. This post has convinced me that it’s at least worth applying for/hopefully can be gained by September. Thanks for the recommendation. And welcome home!

  4. In the photo, your KN95 mask is fitted over your spectacles which renders it nearly useless for personal protection because of the large gap created. Maybe because you were tired?

    I do hope you got some good sleep back home, because I know the feeling in the photo well, having traveled over 2 million miles on long haul flights.

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